How can I cut music in iTunes

iTunes: How to change your song length and fade times


It is easy to shorten the duration of a song played on iTunes. ITunes also allows you to cross-fade multiple tracks for nicer transitions. We explain how you can use both functions to achieve higher quality music playback.

In iTunes you can conveniently shorten songs without having to cut them and save them again. So you can easily hide annoying passages of a song or the long waiting time for a hidden track. For a pleasant music experience, you can also set the time period for fading between the songs yourself. We will show you all the steps required for this in this article.

In further instructions for everything to do with Apple's iTunes, we provide you with numerous other tips and tricks for the multimedia software. Among other things, we will show you how you can move your iTunes library to a new computer or other hard drive, or how you can play films on the Apple TV via AirPlay.

Adjust song length in iTunes

  1. 1

    To adjust the length of a song in your iTunes library, you have to mark it first. Then right click on the song and click on "Info".

  2. 2

    Now switch to the "Options" tab. For a new song start and / or song end, tick the “Start” and “Stop” box. In the corresponding fields you define the beginning or end of the song.

  3. 3

    With a click on "OK" you save the changes.

  4. From now on only the defined section of the title will be played. You can undo the whole thing by removing the checkmarks in the menu shown.

Fade songs in iTunes

  1. 4

    To activate and adjust the optional cross-fading of songs during playback, you first have to open the iTunes settings, which you can access via the menu bar.

  2. 5

    Now switch to the "Playback" tab and check "Crossfade title". You can use the slider to define the extent of the transition.

  3. In the same menu you also have the option of activating the options for sound enhancement and for adjusting the volume. The latter option ensures a balanced volume level within a playback.

  4. 6

    The whole thing is saved with a click on "OK".

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