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Translation of "Kontaktkraft" in English

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The x, y and z components of the Contact force are available.
Contact forceMeasure, range, slip and pressure angle
The other measured quantities (Contact force, average pressure and contact load) are not predefined.
The other measures (Contact Force, Average Pressure, and Contact Load) are not pre-defined.
Average permissible on the route Contact force.
During the experiment it is static Contact force for each individual energy supply system to the range specified in Section
During the test, the static contact force shall be adjusted for each particular power supply system within the range, as specified in clause
Power consumption quality at medium Contact force (4.2.16)
The measurement of the Contact force must be done with force sensors on the pantograph.
The measurement of contact force shall be carried out on the pantograph with force sensors.
The test must be performed with the static Contact force must be carried out according to Section
Testing shall be performed with a static contact force according to point
The middle Contact force is the mean value of the forces due to static and aerodynamic effects.
The mean contact force is the mean value of the forces due to static and aerodynamic actions.
The middle Contact force is measured at the pantograph head in accordance with Appendix Q.
The mean contact force is measured at the collector head according to Annex Q (Q..2.2).
Medium Contact force Fm for AC systems depending on the speed
The static Contact force is defined in EN 50367: 2006, section 7.1.
Adapting the Contact force occurs when performing dynamic tests.
Adjustment of the contact force is made when dynamic tests are performed.
The middle is for 1.5 kV DC lines Contact force in the following area:
For DC 1.5 kV line the mean contact force is in the following range:
The clamping device has the two power connections with the Contact force acting on the insulating part.
The clamping device has an insulating part that exerts a contact force on both supply terminals.
Find the Contact force between two components under a load.
(The Contact force goes to zero.
Electric probe with protection against Contact force.
Force measuring device and method for determining a Contact force
Force measuring device and method for determining a contact force
Apparatus according to claim 1, wherein the force is a Contact force is.
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