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When you feel everything - life as a highly empathic person

Matthias Langwasser on the healing treatment of negative emotions

Imagine if you felt everything that was happening in your environment around the clock, whether positive or negative. All the emotions of the people around you, the energies and the history of spaces, the global issues and events. Welcome to the world of a highly empathic person, also called empath. Empaths feel energy the way others breathe air.

What exactly are empaths?

From birth, they have the ability to feel other people's emotions. This applies not only to people close to you, but also to people who are far away or completely unknown. If you show an empath a photo of the person in question or just tell about him, the empath immediately feels what kind of person it is and how he feels.

Highly empathetic people feel the emotions of all beings, be they humans, animals or plants. In order for you to be able to live your gift, it is very important for you not to be attached to emotions and to allow yourself enough rest

So being an empath is not the same as being empathic. Everyone is born with the ability to feel empathy, that is, to have compassion for others. A highly empathic person cannot turn off empathy, unlike "normal" people. Not only does he feel empathy, he is able to perceive the entire emotional process and the path of the other's soul. With this special quality he can help people to a lot of clarity and wisdom, if he is asked for it - because an empath will not impose himself with his ability.

Understand skills

Many highly empathetic people describe their ability as a double-edged sword - it's a wonderful gift and a burden at the same time. Empaths who have not yet learned to use their gift well are often even afraid of being mentally ill. Here it can help to first of all consciously recognize that one was born highly empathic and that this gift is a blessing for humanity. Below I give advice on how to live with this ability. I am writing this article from my own experience for other highly empathetic people who are not yet fully aware of their gift and also for those who have to do with such people in order to better understand them and be able to deal with them.

Characteristics of an empath

Many are familiar with the term high sensitivity. Highly sensitive and highly empathetic people have a lot in common, but with highly empathic people the focus is on the ability to empathize with others. Here are some of the characteristics that make up highly empathic people. If you are one, you will probably have some aha moments while reading.

1) You just know. Empaths just know things without being told. This information is suddenly there and you can clearly feel that this is the truth. It is a deep inner knowledge, and the more finely the highly empathic person develops this ability, the stronger it becomes.

2) You can tell immediately whether someone is telling the truth or lying. When a person lies, the empath feels the discrepancy between the words and the emotions of the other person, which contradict each other in the case of a lie. This quality can be very challenging for people who are not truthful, as a highly empathetic person can hardly be deceived and mostly reveals the truth.

Big crowds are a big challenge

3) You find public places and crowds of people to be overwhelming. Places such as supermarkets, stadiums, concert halls, wherever large crowds gather, usually overwhelm an empath. There are too many impressions and emotions reaching him from all directions, so that he would do well to avoid such places or to protect himself energetically well.

4) Violence, cruelty and tragic scenes in films are unbearable for you. A highly empathetic person will avoid such films and probably stop watching the news.

5) Constant fatigue. Many empaths are very often tired because they are constantly absorbing so much from others. Even sleeping often does not help to fill this lack of energy. It is therefore of vital importance that you allow yourself enough rest.

6) You inherit physical symptoms from others. A highly empathetic person often gets the same symptoms as those close to him (headache, muscle strain, etc.).

Artistic expression such as painting can help to process the many impressions better

7) Creative expression. If you get a lot of impressions, you want to express them too. Empaths love artistic expression in dance, singing, painting and acting. You will feel significantly better and relieved through expression.

8) Always be there for others. Highly empathetic persons are born healers and comforters. If a person anywhere needs help, a child is crying, they are there immediately, they want to alleviate pain, dry tears and help those in need.

9) Emotional trash can for others. Empaths often attract people who want to dump their ballast with them. People who suppress their feelings are also a challenge for the highly empathetic. In most cases, they will not only sense the other's repressed feelings, but also express them. At this point, it's especially important to take good care of yourself!

10) Addictive tendencies. Shopping, alcohol, food, sex - empaths can easily become addicted. So they try to get rid of the emotions and impressions of others, to withdraw and protect themselves. The more aware you are of your gift, the less risk of addiction there is.

11) You are drawn to healing work, holistic therapies and spirituality. Most highly empathic people have healing abilities from birth. However, many are turning their backs on the healing professions because they take in too much from their patients, especially if they are not fully aware of their gift. When they learn not to be attached to the emotions of others they are wonderful counselors, healers, and therapists.

12) Digestive Problems. The solar plexus is the chakra where we send and receive emotions. Here the highly empathetic feels the emotions of others, so that this area is often weakened if it is not taken care of well. The many impressions cannot be "digested", which is why real digestive problems often arise.

Empaths feel a deep connection to nature - this is where they feel comfortable

13) Deep love for nature and animals. Being outdoors in nature is pure blessing for empaths and very important to regain their balance. You feel a deep connection to nature and also to animals - here you can be yourself and recharge your batteries.

14) Strong need to be alone. A highly empathetic person who has no rest and time to himself becomes aggressive. This can already be observed in empathic children. They urgently need space to recover from the many energies and impressions and to be completely in their own field.

15) You abhor rules, control, and routine. Everything that restricts empaths in their freedom has an extremely destabilizing and even damaging effect on them. Therefore, they defend themselves against any form of restriction.

16) It's hard for you to do things that don't quite fulfill you. Highly empathetic people find it almost a lie to do things that do not correspond 100% to them. You can't do anything without passion or enjoyment.

17) Constant search for truth. A main engine in an empath's life is the search for truth. He detests everything that is insincere and has an inner urge to expose it. He's telling the truth because it feels good to be honest. Not everyone can handle it. Many of you have probably already made the experience that saying what you really think does not always go down well. But a highly empathetic cannot do otherwise.

18) daydreaming. Empaths love to do nothing for hours and pursue their inner images. Lingering in their inner worlds makes them very happy.

Due to the transmitted vibrations of the food, pure, organic food, which is free of harmful substances, is particularly important

19) You feel the energy of the food. Highly empathetic people feel the vibration and vitality of food. Therefore most of them are vegetarians or vegans because they cannot endure the vibration of animal suffering and torture. They love pure, organic food that is free of harmful substances and gives life force.

20) Aversion to Narcissistic People. Although empaths are helpful, compassionate beings, they will withdraw from contact with self-centered and narcissistic persons, otherwise they will be harmed. Narcissistic people take away a lot of energy from them, so they would do well to clearly delimit themselves here.

21) You are an excellent listener. With a highly empathetic person, it is possible that complete strangers pour out their hearts to them and open themselves completely. Empaths love to be there for others and to accompany them compassionately.

22) You appear moody and / or shy to others. Highly empathetic people are sensitive to moods and moods. You can experience the full range of human emotions in a single day. If they have absorbed too much negative energies, they appear cut off, antisocial and separated from themselves. Since empaths loathe pretending to be in a good mood, they show their authentic feelings. This can be irritating for the environment, as we in our society are not used to being completely honest about our feelings.

23) Psychic vampires steal your energy. Whichever energy thief it is, the “I need attention type”, the “intimidator”, the “victim who constantly wants pity” or the “drama queen”: empaths often deal with such people because they care so much are used to helping and giving to others. It is very important for them to build strong and at the same time loving boundaries around themselves.

Life as an empath - how do I live with my gift and stay in balance?

I struggled with this disposition for a long time. I have often wished myself away from this planet. Thought I couldn't take feeling so much anymore. Today I learned to live with it and use it for the bigger picture, even if it is still challenging at times. These things have helped me a lot personally to live well with my gift without losing myself. Maybe they can be of help to you too.

Create a loving environment

For highly empathic people it is existentially important that they have enough time and space for themselves. Living close to nature and an energetically pure and highly vibrating living space are balm for your flooded senses

Highly empathetic people need to be very careful about who they are spending time with. The people close to you should appreciate and honor you for your gift, as you have an important task on this planet. Failure to understand or scornful messages such as “What kind of problem do you have now?” Damage the empath and make him despair inside. A positive environment is vital! The exchange with other highly empathetic people is very valuable.

The place of residence also plays a major role. It is best for highly empathetic people to live close to nature. A city or a house with many tenants can quickly become overwhelming. Create a living space of love with energies that strengthen you. Clean your living space regularly, also energetically (smoking, essential oils, salt crystal lamps, etc.).

Respect yourself and take good care of yourself

A marathon runner takes a long break after his run and understands his exhaustion. Well, an empath is an endurance marathon runner in the emotional / spiritual realm. Rest periods are essential for these people! They are not as “productive” as other people and should make their working environment as loving as possible. Devaluing yourself for it is a common trend. The highly empathetic should, however, appreciate their disposition and allow themselves as much rest and sleep as they need to regenerate. Even if no one else understands - only do things that feel really good to you. Because doing something about your inner feelings will feel like violence to you.

Find a suitable expression

Dancing can also be a suitable form of expression to achieve balance

Empaths have a lot of impressions to process. A wonderful way to do this is to go into the expression. Whether it is dancing, singing, painting, writing or acting - expression heals the flooded senses of a sensitive person.

Live your task

The moment you consciously recognize and accept your task, you will no longer perceive your disposition as a burden or a curse. A developed, conscious empath has the ability to connect at the soul level and to help release blocked energy in another. He can also release accumulated energy within a large field and distinguish which is benevolent and which is not. He can help earthbound deceased to find the way into the light and thus end their desperate search. Usually highly empathetic people love to work on people's bodies. Anyone who has ever been touched by an empath will confirm it: They feel the body of the other as their own and sense where pain points are and which touches are beneficial.

For me, living my job was the most important step. I love accompanying people in their processes. For me it's natural and doesn't require any effort. I just do what I do anyway - to feel people's emotions, thoughts and issues and thereby help them to become more clear. Living this my task fills me with deep gratitude and joy.


Use conscious, deep and connected breathing for daily connection with the soul

Connect daily with your soul and the spiritual world. This connection will center and nourish you. Stay in nature as often as possible and feel how it helps you to calm your flooded senses again. Conscious, deep and connected breathing is a wonderful way to stay in your center and experience emotions without clinging to them. Connected breathing has been my constant companion for many years.

In deep connection to all highly empathetic fellow human beings,

Your Randi

You can find out more about my work, advice for highly empathic people and connected breathing here: www.randi-hausmann.de

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