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The 15 most famous types of beer worldwide

All over the world people love beer, but which types of beer are among the most popular? (Photo by: monticello / Depositphotos)

1. Snow Beer

The Snow Beer, in English "Snowflake Beer", is sold to a particularly large extent in China, which is not surprising in view of the world's largest market. Snow is a tasty lager with 3.5% alcohol by volume.

2. Bud Light

The light Budweiser variant Bud Light takes second place. On the market since 1982, it has been the market leader in the USA since 1994. The alcohol content of 4.2% vol cannot be found on the label, because this information is only required in America from 5% vol alcohol.

3. Budweiser

The Budweiser was brought to America by Bohemian emigrants. The leading beer in the premium segment has a clear Pilsener attitude.

4. Tsingtao

The Chinese Tsingtao occupies fourth place in the ranking of the world's best-known types of beer. In 1903, what is now the tenth largest brewery in the world was founded by German settlers in the town of Kiauschou. Today Tsingtao is exported to over 50 countries around the world.

Tsingtao is a well-known beer from China, with a sparkling fresh taste. (Photo by: monticello / Depositphotos)

5. Skol

Skol means cheers. But it is also a very popular beer that is produced in Brazil. Skol belongs to the Danish brewery group Skol Internationale and has 2% alcohol by volume.

6. Yanjing

Another Chinese beer in the beer ranking: The Yanjing beer comes from the national Yanjing brewery of the People's Republic, the name corresponds to the previous name for the capital Beijing.

The lager tastes malty, yet light and refreshing.

7. Heineken

It follows the Dutch Heineken. Top-fermented beer was brewed in Amsterdam until 1886, then bottom-fermented beer based on the German model.

Heineken is not just a beer brand, it's also the brand at the same time third largest brewery group in the world.

8. Harbin

This beer is produced in China's oldest brewery and convinces with a refreshing and natural taste.

9. Brahma

The legend of the beer museum in Blumenau, Brazil, according to which the Brahma its name after the founder of the German brewery Georg Maschke, the Brauhaus Maschke, has not been proven.

The 4.8 percent lager attracts attention with its particularly innovative marketing campaigns.

10. Corona Extra

Corona Extra from Mexico is often served with a lime wedge in the neck of the bottle. The Corn beer is sold in more than 150 countries around the world and is highly valued by a loyal community.

11. Coors Light

The label of the Coors Light from the USA is also spectacular. The "Cold Certified" label shows a snow-covered mountain world, the color of which changes from white to blue when the temperature is brought to 4 ° C.

The Coors Brewing Company's light beer has been on the market since the late 1970s.

12. Foster's camp

Tart, malty and spicy Fosters Lager is a well-known brand from Australia. The beer has 5% vol and is very popular internationally.

13. Jupiler

The Belgian brewery Piedboeuf from Liège produces the relatively young beer brand Jupiler. The Pilsener tastes slightly bitter, fresh and tart.

14. Guiness

The Guinness beer is exported to more than 150 countries. (Photo by: monticello / Depositphotos)

The well-known Irish guiness comes heavy and bitter on the market. The Guiness brewery was founded in Dublin in 1759.

Guinness gets its black color from roasted barley, which is part of beer along with water, yeast and hops.

15. Victoria Bitter

Australia's best-selling beer is Victoria Bitter. Contrary to what the name suggests, it is a malty, easily digestible lager.

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