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Word marks are trademarks that consist of words, letters, numbers or other written characters and that can be represented with the usual print used by the DPMA (cf. ยง 7 MarkenV). The "Arial" font used by the DPMA includes all letters (upper or lower case) and numbers as well as common characters such as.,;,:, +, -, &,!,?, @,? (please refer Characters for word marks). They are not graphically designed and not colored.

The subject of protection of a word mark only includes the selected sequence of characters, including their representation in all common fonts in upper and lower case letters.
Example: If "Hans" is entered, protection also exists for these variants (see illustration).

If a mark contains elements other than those permitted in the word mark, it is one Word / figurative markor.Figurative mark.

If the applicant requests the entry of his character sequence in a special font design, color, font arrangement, or combined with graphic elements, i.e. if a certain visual impression is important to him, it is a word / figurative mark.

This includes the following variants in particular:

  • Words and / or characters in a specific font (e.g. cursive, italic or fat)
  • Combination of letters / symbols and graphic elements
  • multiline arrangement
  • or words that are spelled with a block (e c h e s between the letters)

Figurative marks are two-dimensional designs, such as images and graphic elements without word mark components, such as letters. Even non-Latin characters, such as B. Chinese characters establish the character of a figurative mark. Figurative marks can be registered in color or black.

The registration of a word / figurative mark does not say anything about whether the character string contained would be protectable as a word mark. A character string that cannot be protected can be protected by a special graphic design. However, simple or common graphic designs or decorations are usually not sufficient for this. The more product-describing the word is, the higher the demands on the graphic. Word elements of a word / figurative mark that cannot be protected do not give rise to any prohibitive rights against the use of the word.