Is an online degree relevant in Nigeria

Online study

The age of digitization does not stop at the education sector either. Nowadays, only a few extra-occupational courses can do without the online course. The provision of learning materials, study documents and videos via a virtual campus plays an important, if not decisive, role in online studies.

An online degree is a form of distance learning, similar to blended learning. But while with blended learning a larger part of the course content is taught in face-to-face courses (e.g. as evening courses), online courses almost seamlessly rely on knowledge transfer via webinars, learning videos and other digital documents. In the meantime, distance learning without being present with online exams is even possible with some providers.

But there is not just online academic programsbut you can find out about so-called MOOCS (Massive open online courses) also teach basic knowledge in many other areas, from programming to social psychology. Below we have put together all information about the academic study opportunities and below an excursus about MOOCs.

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"I chose AKAD because the review, final grade and the composition of the course were right."
Jochen BrĂ¼nner, MBA General Management