How do I create a hologram with the projector

Make hologram yourself

The time when the hologram projections only appeared in Star Trek and James Bond films is behind us. With the help of a smartphone / tablet / flat screen and acrylic glass, you can make your own hologram projector. All you need are the following items: an acrylic sheet, acrylic adhesive, tape, sandpaper, a cutting mat, a ruler and a sharp hobby knife or saw. Work fifteen minutes and you 've made your own hologram projector!

  • Ruler (preferably made of metal)
  • Finely toothed hacksaw

In principle, the hologram projector is a simple device: it is a truncated pyramid that you put upside down on a screen. To make a moving hologram you need a suitable image file. There's a lot of that on YouTube. In addition, the pyramid must have exactly the right proportions, otherwise the picture will be distorted. But don't worry, following the instructions below will ensure success! Let's start with the production of the hologram projector!

The right base material: cast acrylic glass

The best base material is thin acrylic glass. While this is fragile due to its thickness, if you carefully follow the instructions you will be able to saw and process this material without any problems. You start by making the template, with which you can draw the four sides of the pyramid on the acrylic glass. Each side is 6 cm wide at the top and 3.5 cm high and 1 cm wide at the bottom.


Trace the template and use a ruler to cut the sides. You can of course make the stencil larger; The main thing is that you ensure that the dimensions remain in the same proportion. In this way, you can also customize the projector for a tablet or flat screen.

We recommend that you use a special cutting mat for cutting acrylic glass. Wipe the cutting mat well so that there are no scratches on your acrylic sheet. Please do not remove the protective film on the acrylic glass! Start by drawing a stripe on the acrylic glass. This strip is the height of the sides (3.5 cm or more).

Now you start to saw the strip. Use a fine-toothed hacksaw for this. To make sawing a little easier, you can lightly smear the saw blade with curd soap. Now saw off the strip, keeping the cut line as close to the worksheet as possible to prevent vibration and breakage.

After you have sawed off the strip, use the template to draw the sides on the strip four times. Place the acrylic sheet on the cutting mat and position the template on the acrylic sheet. Now draw the template four times on the acrylic glass, as shown in the figure below:


Building the hologram projector

With the help of a ruler and a sharp hobby knife, make a number of notches over each cutting line that you have previously drawn. This will help you when sawing and prevent the acrylic glass from breaking. A ruler has a high and a low side. Insert the high side to guide the knife. Be careful: go ahead and make several cuts. This ensures a straight side with no breaks. And above all, take good care of your fingers! Then saw the four sides with the hacksaw:

Do not stick with tape, but glue

Use a piece of sandpaper to finish the sides. Use 400 grit sandpaper and sand any burrs.

Then you can glue the projector. It is important that the acrylic glass is clean and free of grease. Use a soft cloth, for example a microfiber cloth, and apply a little cleaning alcohol or gasoline here. Take four small strips of tape and tape the four sides together. The tape is stuck to the inside of the pyramid. Make sure that the sides are glued the entire length:


Now place the pyramid with the wide edge on a flat surface, for example on the cutting mat. When you position your projector on top of it, you know for sure that the shape is square. Now you can glue the projector. It is important that you wear vinyl gloves, because the adhesive is not skin-friendly. Unscrew the lid of the Acrifix® adhesive and carefully allow the adhesive to flow into the seams of the pyramid corners. The Acrifix® adhesive is very thin; please dose it carefully! After 20 minutes, the Acrifix® adhesive is dry and your acrylic glass hologram projector is ready.

You can then make a hologram yourself. To do this, you need to download a suitable image or video. Examples abound on YouTube. Position the projector on the screen.
Some films have a grid so that you can place the projector very precisely. You can also put a white cardboard box on top; this helps to get razor sharp images.

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