Is where am I grammatically correct

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If you always wanted to know how to use the words how and as If used grammatically correct, you have come to the right place! In addition to an explanation of correct use, you will also find some examples here.


After expressing the equality, which correspond to the positive, one uses how.
After inequalities, however, which correspond to the comparative, will as used.

Here are some examples of positive and comparative:

  • This winter is just as cold how the past winter.
  • It's just like that how I told you.
  • I'm nine times as smart how you.
  • This summer is going to be much hotter as the past summer.
  • It's far more complicated as I said.
  • I am nine times smarter as you.
The combination than how however, it is a widespread speech error in Germany and is always wrong.


  • I am much smarter as you.
  • It looks exactly like that how I.
  • Is he bigger as I?
  • Does it take so long? how last time?
  • You look just like that how 10 years ago.
Not correct:
  • Are you taller how I?
  • I'm much more level than how you!
  • I am better at German than how you, because German is the only thing I can do.
  • None of you are smarter how I.
  • You look just like that than how 10 years ago.