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With numerous free tools you can combine your favorite photos into a collage. Here you will find programs with which you can capture your most beautiful memories in an artistic composition.

Make Collages: The 7 Most Popular Free Downloads - Sorted by Popularity

Are you looking for a gift or would you like to turn your holiday memories into a work of art? A photo collage with your most beautiful photos is perfect for this. However, you need a suitable program to turn your pictures into exciting picture compositions. With the large selection of software and apps, it's not that easy to choose the right one. Do you want the greatest possible creative freedom or do you prefer to reach your goal quickly and easily? Here you will find the best programs for creating collages for your own personal needs.

With a photo editing program, collages can be created with a little experience and patience. However, this is much easier and faster with software that is specially designed for creating photo collages. We have put together the best programs and apps from the Internet for you. We will introduce you to the best representatives in detail below and guide you directly to the download.

  1. Photo wall: design collages professionally and free of charge
  2. Pic Collage: conjure up collages on your smartphone in no time at all
  3. Photo Grid: High quality collage for creative minds
  4. This is how you choose the right collage app

Photo wall: design collages professionally and free of charge

Photo wall

Fotowall is a free and clear application for creating and editing photo books or posters.

With "Fotowall" you can professionally design greeting cards, photo books or collages for family and friends. The software offers you all the important functions for creative image processing. The images for your collage can be freely arranged on the work surface and the size and orientation of the photos can be changed in no time. The program also allows you to work with layers. So you can arrange the photos in the foreground or background. A large number of templates are already integrated into the program, so that you can achieve your goal quickly and easily, even without experience.

The program's user interface is very clear and is limited to the essentials. In the upper area you will find all relevant menu items. On the far left, new files can be added quickly depending on the type or format of the file. Fotowall is available as freeware for Windows and Linux and has an English voice output. The program leaves little to be desired and is a real recommendation.

Pic Collage: conjure up collages on your smartphone in no time at all

Pic collage

With "Pic Collage" you can quickly and easily create collages on iOS or Android. You will then go straight to the download.

With "Pic Collage" you can create collages as a grid, template or freeform on iOS and Android. You can choose from hundreds of photo layouts and sizes, stickers, individual backgrounds and patterns. You also get the opportunity to paint on your collages by hand. In our test, we were particularly impressed by the ease of use of the app, which allows you to reach your goal quickly and safely. However, you have to make a few compromises in terms of functionality. However, this should be sufficient for most projects and ideas. Pic Collage is available for free, contains advertising, and offers optional in-app purchases. Numerous languages ​​are supported as voice output, including German and English.

Photo Grid: High quality collage for creative minds

With "Photo Grid" for iOS and Android you can create collages just as easily as with Pic Collage. Simply select up to 15 images and let the program work for a moment. In real time you can then arrange the pictures, thicken the edges, insert curves, choose from various frames or change the color of the frame. What is particularly interesting is the fact that the app can also handle videos without any problems. As in the popular films about Harry Potter, the image content then suddenly moves and can even be underlaid with music.

Creative photographers will also particularly like the many filters. The resulting photos can also be saved as a high-quality collage. However, some of these filters are only available through paid in-app purchases. Unfortunately, there is no full version in which all filters and HD videos are available. However, we were able to create many nice collages with the freeware version in our test.

This is how you choose the right collage app

When choosing the right software for creating collages, it is important to consider on which device (laptop, smartphone) and with which operating system (Windows, macOS, Android, iOS) you want to use it. Depending on the operating system, different programs are available. It also depends on the user interface and the range of functions. You should choose a software whose interface is adapted to your ideas and is easy to use. Do you want the greatest possible freedom when designing collages or would you prefer to work with templates and adapt them quickly and easily to your wishes? There are free solutions for both requirements.

How we test

Collage apps put to the test

For this test, Netzwelt looked at around 9 different programs for macOS and Windows with which you can create collages quickly and easily.

We looked at the various software offerings on the market and compared the scope of functions. We also compared shareware and freeware programs with one another. Since the number of applications in this area is huge, we have limited ourselves to the most popular. We also paid special attention to the operation. This should also be suitable for newbies and should not require any professional knowledge.

In our decision, we decided on the major operating systems such as Windows and macOS, iOS and Android and we present you the best program for us and suitable alternatives. Our rating is made up of the following three individual ratings: functional scope, user-friendliness as well as presentation and design. The final grade results from the various individual evaluations.

For very demanding projects and for users who have some experience, there are also various image editing programs for creating collages. A photo collage can also be used as a screen saver. With the programs from our download section, you can easily create your own screensavers and use your collages for them if necessary. We'll also introduce you to the best photo apps for iPhone and Android, including image editing software. This will help you get the perfect photo.