What does preferred bachelor's degree mean?

Preferred admission after completing a service

Would you like to do a service before starting your studies?

Preferred admission after completing a service

If, after acquiring your university entrance qualification (e.g. after graduating from high school), you would like to do a service first, you can apply for a study place before or during the service. If you get a study place and cannot take it because of the service, the study place will be retained for the time after the end of the service.

In that case, you need to Apply again in due time and one Request for preferential admission put. Then please submit your certificate of service and a copy of the notification of admission at the time. You will then be given preferential treatment, i.e. admitted to the course before all other applicants.

How do I apply for Preferred Admission?

  1. Start your online application,
  2. Set the "Application for preferential admission",
  3. Upload the relevant evidence,
  4. Complete the application by the application deadline.
  5. Our colleagues will then check your application on the basis of your evidence.
    (Rejected or mistakenly submitted applications do not lead to the closure of your application)

Necessary supporting documents

  • Certificate of service completed
  • Notice of restitution or notice of admission from the previous procedure


You must reapply for the place you have already received no later than the second award procedure after the end of your service. Otherwise your entitlement to the study place expires.

To be considered a service

  • the volunteer Military service
  • the federal voluntary service (at least 6 months)
  • The youth voluntary service at home and abroad: Voluntary social year, voluntary ecological year or voluntary cultural year (at least 6 months)
  • the European Voluntary Service funded by the EU (at least 6 months)
  • Another voluntary service as part of a model project funded by the federal government: Weltw√§rts or Kulturweit (at least 6 months)
  • an activity in development aid (at least 2 years)
  • the Care or nursing a child under the age of 18 or a dependent person from the group of relatives (duration: up to 3 years).
    You need written evidence that you have carried out this full-time job and that no other person was available. If you are caring for or caring for a child, please enclose all documents that provide information about the need for care (e.g. birth certificate, registration certificate, medical certificate). In the case of the care or care of another relative, please enclose a medical certificate which provides information on the reason and extent of the need for care, as well as a registration certificate for the person in need of care. The documents must show in a comprehensible and credible manner that you have provided support or care to the extent specified.

For foreign applicants who are on an equal footing with Germans, we also consider one service performed abroadif it is equivalent to a German service.