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Truck driving license: This applies to driving license class C!

who professionally on the road in the truck business is, the different driving license classes of the C-group are certainly a term, because they represent the different variants of a truck driver's license represent.

This is roughly differentiated between classes C and C1. Latter you need if you want to drive a lorry of the slightly lighter group. It applies to one Total weight up to 7.5 t. The driving license of the Class C includes all trucks that heavier than 7.5 t are. If the vehicle is to be supplemented with trucks, i.e. trailers, driver's licenses for classes CE or C1E are required.

This guide will tell you about that Conditions of the common truck driver's license, i.e. that of class C. Here you can read about everything you have to do in order to be able to work as a truck driver, which requirements you have to meet and how many costs such a truck driver's license causes on average.

Class C Driving License: Acquisition and Scope

Especially who as Professional drivers want to work, you have probably already given some thought to the exact driving license class for which you have to take an exam. The question about a class C driving license often arises: "What exactly can I drive with it?" The following section will give you the answer.

Which vehicles can be used with it?

Generally allowed Holders of the driving license class C, Trucks with a gross vehicle weight of over 7.5 t drive. Due to this main property, the driving license for it is also called so-called "7.5 t driver's license" designated. Overloading the truck is therefore very unlikely.

It is also allowed another eight people in such a truck too promote. A trailer is also permitted, but it must not exceed a weight of 750 kg.

What are the costs of a truck driver's license?

The Cost of the Class C driving license is an important factorthat should be considered before attempting a driver's license. About that however is no blanket statement hold true.

In general, however, when you C driving license With Costs for the following items calculate:

  • a Basic amount for the theory lessons and eventual Teaching materials
  • Special tripsthat are specifically required for a truck driver's license
  • a practical introduction to the special features of a truck
  • Presentation fees and examination costs for the theoretical part of the exam (37 exam questions)
  • Same for the practical exam from the truck driver's license (duration: 75 minutes or more)

How many practical driving lessons a learner driver must complete is not committed, but from the individual abilities of the respective student depends and lies at the discretion of the driving instructor. For example, if the applicant for the C driving license already has the C1 driving license or the one for driving a car, the number of special trips is usually reduced due to the practical previous knowledge of the learner driver. The truck driver's license and its costs are therefore always situation-dependent.

Requirements for the C driving license

Some apply to the C-class driving license Regulationsthat a learner driver must meet so that nothing stands in the way of the requirements for obtaining a truck driver's license. You will find them again below in a nutshell:

  1. a physical examination, a so-called medical proficiency test
  2. a ophthalmological examination (Examination of spatial vision, twilight and color vision, field of vision, mobility of the eyes, sensitivity to glare, performance of the eyes - a visual aid is permitted)
  3. First-aid pass
  4. Possession of the driver's license (Class B)
  5. Minimum age: 21 years (18 years if the learner driver is training to become a professional driver)

FAQ: Truck driving license

Which vehicles can I drive with a C driving license?

A summary of the vehicles that you can drive with a class C driving license can be found here.

What requirements do I have to meet in order to obtain a class C driving license?

Here we have listed the requirements that you have to meet in order to obtain a C driving license.

What does a truck driver's license cost?

Unfortunately, no general statement can be made about this. How many practical driving lessons a candidate for a class C driving license needs is not prescribed, but is at the discretion of the driving instructor. Hence, the cost can vary depending on how many the contender needs.