Which songs did Johnny Cash cover

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It's such a thing with cover versions. Most of the great songs have been covered, some thousands of times. And not always something good came out of it. The bigger the masterpiece, the more difficult the task, that much is clear.

The artists in this series have managed to top the original - they have brought a new depth or meaning to the song, maybe even found the soul of the song, should there be such a thing.

A master of cover versions is without a doubt Johnny Cashwho with his American Recordings managed an unforgettable stroke of genius in the fall of his long career. Fine, super producer Rick Rubin was significantly involved in the concept, but without Cash’s roughness, his lived life, which can be heard in every interpretation, the records would not have been so successful. The American Recordings have truly given the old country term "three chords and the truth" a new meaning.

Johnny Cash: Hurt (2002) - Cover version of Nine Inch Nails: Hurt (1994)

A heavy, dark song written by Trent Reznor, with strong, devastating lyrics. The music video shows Cash as an old, vulnerable man at the end of his long journey. Moving the flashbacks from his life: the end is near and we all know it. Even himself. The video was made before the death of June Carter Cash filmed, but looks like an obituary, like Cash’s homage to his great love and life.

Cash called the song "the best anti-drug song I've ever heard". Here is the original: