If used cars come with 2 keys

Car with only one key?

Why is this again being thrown around with "nonsense"

Because the statement that you only have a right to explicitly contractually agreed things is so fundamentally wrong that I cannot understand how experienced users like read-think-act can write something like that. Everyone makes a mistake, I make mistakes too. But this is about the absolute basics of warranty law. But I admit that I could have written it more nicely.

Hence my apology to read-think-act for the somewhat harsh tone.

With regard to the question of customary practice, I can only agree 100% with micbu's argumentation. The car was originally delivered with at least two keys. These are not subject to any significant wear. As a rule, keys are handled carefully so that they are not lost all the time. I don't see any reason why a buyer would have to expect that not all keys are available anymore. In addition, if the keys are missing, there is a risk that an unknown third party may be able to access the vehicle. In addition, a missing key is problematic if the vehicle is stolen and there must be proof that you have only received one key. If this is not in the sales contract, then you can get involved in interesting discussions with the insurance company.

And also in general: Unless otherwise agreed, from my point of view the accessories available at the time of delivery must be complete if they are resold.

I would sue here, even without RSV. I see the chance of success at almost 100%.