Is It Safe to Marry Diabetic Women

27th week
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Yeah, another pregnancy update - time is racing! Incredible!
Today, to be honest, there is also quite a bit of howling ... but I just wanted to tell you about a diagnosis that has kept me busy in the last few weeks.

The 7th month (week 25-28)

How do you feel? Heat and co

"Phew, pregnant in midsummer - it must be so exhausting!" I often heard something like that on the very hot days. I'm really happy that people think of me so lovingly!
However, I don't really feel able to judge that ... I just don't have any other pregnancy to compare and for me such blatantly high temperatures are always quite exhausting. Or do you know people who can easily put up with almost 40 degrees and just carry on as before?
When it was so mega hot, I shifted down a gear and just lay on our sofa with my laptop to work. Since we now have indoor roller blinds and an air conditioner, luckily it was quite easy to bear ... but a few naps were necessary. How did you get through it like that?

Baby's initial equipment

The weeks continue to go by so mega quickly ... of course, we are also thinking more and more about what we need to start with a baby! There are of course a lot of different opinions on this, if you ask around a little (even if you don't ask - that's quite often the case with all the baby topics, I have to get used to it ๐Ÿ˜…). Some couldn't get along without xy, for others it was exactly the money that was thrown away - every child (+ associated caregivers) is different. I think I'll later write about what has proven so successful for us - I really enjoy reading posts like this right now!
In any case, there is still a lot on our to-do or to-buy list. Thanks to dear blog friends (๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’– for Nina and Yvonne!) And a flea market, the little man already has quite a few items of clothing that are waiting to be worn by him.

Hello gestational diabetes!

So far I've been doing really very well and I've been completely spared any unpleasant side effects of pregnancy ... but that is now probably over. I thought for a long time whether I would like to share that, because I don't feel like hearing comments like "It is clear that this cannot be a healthy pregnancy the way you look" and that for me is associated with a lot of shame and negative thoughts ( more on that in a moment) - but I would like to report realistically and honestly about my pregnancy. And my gestational diabetes is one of them.

What is gestational diabetes anyway?
I'm not a doctor, so I can only tell you a little bit about what I have learned about it in the meantime ... but there is also a lot of literature on it, if you are more interested in that. Gestational diabetes is a sugar metabolism disorder and one of the most common diseases during pregnancy (unfortunately I only found very different percentages). The pregnancy hormones increase insulin resistance and the pancreas can no longer keep up. In most women, diabetes also goes away after pregnancy.
Most of the time, the babies get bigger and heavier in the womb, and the mothers are more at risk of developing high blood pressure or preeclampsia during pregnancy.

How was this diagnosed?
I was given the larger oral glucose tolerance test (sugar test): I had to go to the practice on an empty stomach in the morning and my blood was drawn. Then I had to drink a concentrated sugar solution and after one and two hours blood was drawn again and the blood sugar measured again. There are various measured values โ€‹โ€‹that should not be exceeded, and since my fasting blood sugar was well above the target value, the diagnosis was made quickly.

How did and does it continue?
I received a referral to the diabetologist and took part in gestational diabetes training there that same week. Since then I have adjusted my diet (less sugar, more breaks between meals, ...) and measure my blood sugar 6 times a day and write down the values. Then I have regular discussions with my diabetes advisor, in which we look at the values.
Since my fasting blood sugar was always too high in the morning even after the change in diet, I now inject insulin every evening. All of this will continue to be monitored and, if necessary, adjusted, and our baby's growth will now be more closely monitored.

And how do you feel about it now?
It was all considered dry ... but on the emotional level, everything is quite difficult for me. The "failure" in the sugar test shocked me quite a bit and at that moment I didn't even know that much about the subject ... at first I was completely dazed and as if controlled by someone else. I don't have any pain and I also got used to measuring and injecting (I hardly feel the injections at all) - and of course everything could be much worse and I am very happy that all of the pregnancy complaints " just โ€œthat is.
Still, I somehow can't get out of negative thinking and can only see it as a personal failure. I am totally ashamed and I am very worried ... I am also just so sorry that I am such a bad host for my little one and that his pancreas is so stressed. That has cost me so many tears by now and every increased reading makes me despair again. Even the encouragement from my gynecologist and the diabetes team doesn't help me that much ... I don't like telling other people about it and then I feel so alone again (yes, I already notice the mistake!). I don't feel like pitying looks and then judgmental looks when I dare to eat something. Sven always says that we can do it all and really supports me a lot - but that's not always so nice to hear when I'm the only one who is constantly being checked and screened. (And despite all that: I would never want to do without feeling my baby in my stomach and always carrying it with me โ™ฅ)
I now very much hope that I will cope better with it over time and that everything will soon be adjusted so that I don't harm the little one any further. I would also be very happy to read a few testimonials in the direction of โ€œI had that too and everything went wellโ€ - maybe you have a few happy babies despite their mother's diabetes? That would be great! โ™ฅ

But enough with the whining ... that's how it is now, must go on!

What happened until now:

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