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The Egyptian Ministry of the Interior warns against websites offering e-visas at exorbitant prices. Some providers charge twice or even more than twice what the visa actually costs.

Enrichment with Egyptian e-visas

Since December 2017, tourists and visitors can easily apply for a visa online. A visit to the embassy is no longer necessary. The idea of ​​the system was to make visiting Egypt easier and therefore more attractive again.

This system is now being abused, according to the Egyptian Interior Ministry. Therefore, the ministry is calling for a closer look at the websites that sell the e-Visa. The website you are on here is a secure site to apply for an e-Visa online. The Trusted Shops logo on this website proves that you are on a secure website, where there is no fraud or rip-off, but everything is done right.

Travel to Egypt easier

The purpose of the e-Visa is to facilitate travel to Egypt, according to the Egyptian eVisa official website. The online visa program not only speeds up visa application processing, but also improves the system of immigration service and border controls.

Applicants from 41 countries including Germany, Austria, the United States, Canada, France and the United Kingdom can easily apply online. The visa will then be sent by email. The applicant must have the nationality of the country from which he / she is applying.

Visa requirement for Egypt

Are you going to Egypt in 2021 or 2022? Then a visa is required for all travelers with German or Austrian citizenship. A visa must also be applied for for accompanying children, otherwise they will not be allowed to enter the country.

The e-visa is an official travel authorization from the Egyptian immigration authorities. Please make sure that you apply for the right visa for the reason for your trip. There are different visas: for tourists, business travelers, travelers who work in Egypt or want to emigrate to Egypt. Travelers going on vacation to Egypt simply apply for an Egypt visa online. Travelers traveling to Egypt for any other reason must make an appointment at the embassy or consulate.

There are some requirements for an online visa. For example, the applicant must have a regular passport - an identity card or a residence permit are not sufficient. The passport must be valid for at least eight months after arrival in Egypt. If you are visiting friends or relatives, you must bring an invitation letter with you on the trip. In addition, a detailed travel plan must be submitted, including an overview of all booked flights and hotels. This must be in your hand luggage along with your visa and your itinerary. Anyone traveling with a group must submit a group application.

A tourist visa is only valid for 90 days and the traveler can spend a maximum of 30 consecutive days in Egypt. An unlimited number of trips to Egypt can only be carried out with a so-called "multiple-entry visa", but even then a maximum stay of 30 days applies.

You can apply for an Egypt e-Visa 24/7 on this website. The costs for this are € 44.95 for a single-entry visa and € 79.90 for a multi-entry visa. It is advisable to submit your application at least seven days before departure because although the visa issuance process is digital, it will take a few days for the visa to be approved and issued.

Do you need the visa faster? Then you can use an urgent application procedure. However, delivery times cannot be guaranteed in this process either. As a rule, the visa is issued within two to five days after an urgent application.

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