How can I learn Java Concurrency Programming

Concurrent programming with threads

What participants say

›The tutego seminar was precisely tailored to our needs. So we were able to take over 100% of it into our daily business.
Jens-Peter B., Rossmann

›Best course I've ever taken.‹
Kent G., Deutsche Bank

›Nice training. Finally one or the other AHA experience. ‹
Participant, innovas

›The relaxed, but always topic-related nature of the trainer, which enables him to make difficult issues clear [I particularly liked].‹
Jörg H., German Armed Forces

›[The tutego trainer] effortlessly managed to present even complex issues in an easily understandable way. His enthusiasm for the topic was carried over to the participants in the long term - I can only recommend the trainer. ‹
Mathias W., German Africa Lines

›The speaker was very competent. The speaker always answered questions.
Reinholt P., debis system house

›Good lecturer who knows what he's talking about.‹
Jochen H., Dresdner Bank

›The tutego trainers were extremely competent, were able to convey their knowledge very well and always answered all questions and problems.‹
Participants, nope. Regional Health Insurance Fund

›The type of presentation of the speaker and his professional security [I liked it very much]. Good exercises, concentration on the essentials. ‹
Gil R., MDR

›With his modern and competent manner, C. Ullenboom manages with his well-founded background knowledge to make every topic from the Java field understandable to the seminar participants and to arouse interest in new technologies.
René D., Service Center Rural Development and Agricultural Promotion

›Thank you again for the interesting and extensive seminar. It has brought me a lot personally!
Thomas S., Saxon Development Bank / Development Bank

›[The tutego trainer] taught us the complex subject of Objective-C very competently. Both trainings were individually tailored to us.
Andre M., Gathmann Michaelis and friends

›The training was very well received by the participants. I have only received positive feedback so far.
Torsten L., Netbiscuits

›We were very satisfied with the course. The documents are also very well prepared.
Igor R.,

›The coordination in advance about the content went well, it was very individual support, as one would expect from an in-house seminar in this form.‹
Dr. Andreas V., edacentrum

›The course participants were very satisfied with the course. In the four seminar blocks held, the course requirements were completely covered, the course content could be discussed individually.
Participants, nope. Regional Health Insurance Fund

›The training offered a compact and targeted transfer of knowledge at a high level. The result is a real enrichment for all participants. ‹
Johannes W., Schönhofer Sales and Engineering

›The training was logically structured, the content was tailored to our professional requirements and was also fun. Thank you for this great training. ‹
Christoph G., my.IRS

>We were very satisfied. The participants took with them what they needed and expected.
Michael O., Basler Insurance

›The thematically flexible seminar impressed our beginners as well as advanced participants.‹
Ralph B., PiSA sales

›We'll definitely come back to the tutego trainer for the next planned seminar.‹
Ralph B., PiSA sales

›We were very satisfied with the C # seminar. The speaker dealt with our special requests immediately, competently and thoroughly. We hope to continue the seminar to deepen the subject soon. ‹
Winfried S., Lacroix Electronics

›The trainer has mastered the balance between the different prior knowledge of beginners and advanced learners excellently.‹
Brigitte K., Rutronik Electronic Components GmbH

›We were very satisfied with the workshop and our expectations were even exceeded. In addition, the follow-up support provided by the tutego speaker is excellent. ‹
Oliver J., SRS Management

›We were completely satisfied and would be happy to welcome the tutego speaker to further training courses in our company.‹
Carsten P., Barmenia Insurance

›Your lecturer ensured two exciting days with us, I only heard positive feedback from my colleagues. Both his competence and the content of the training, as well as the way in which he presented it, were very well received! ‹
Vladimir J., circ IT

›The Java seminar brought us a big step forward because it was tailored to our needs. Thank you again for that.
Wolfgang S., signotec

›The lecturer adjusted relatively quickly to our very high level and adapted the training accordingly dynamically.‹
Torsten L., Netbiscuits

›The training [...] went very well and the participants were all very satisfied with the trainer. The knowledge imparted will certainly enable us to start a new technology. ‹
Hendrik F. d. C., Wincor Nixdorf International

›The trainer was well prepared and highly motivated and he made good changes between the front lecture, interactive development of the material on the whiteboard and practical exercises on the PC.‹
Hendrik F. d. C., Wincor Nixdorf International

›I would recommend the lecturer at any time and would not be averse to having him hold further courses.‹
Torsten L., Netbiscuits

›I personally liked the PrimeFaces course very much. The course instructor managed to convey the special features of PrimeFaces to us.
Greta Z., Raiffeisen Association

›The speaker also answered our questions and answered them very professionally.‹
Greta Z., Raiffeisen Association

›The topics were exciting and very broad. The trainer conveyed the topics well. ‹
Participant, gadiv

›The speaker was able to convey both the technical content and the background in an absolutely understandable way. Since he was always able to answer our questions in relation to our individual requirements, it was possible to achieve a high degree of memorization while learning.
Participant, KKS Marburg

›The lecturer is both at home in Java and an experienced" knowledge mediator ".‹
Eduard K., Kathrein

›The material to be conveyed is didactically very well prepared and always easy to understand.‹
Eduard K., Kathrein

›The lecturer responds comprehensively to questions and also creates bridges to other course-relevant topics.‹
Eduard K., Kathrein

The course shows the typical security gaps in a web application in a well-structured form. All in all a very useful course that opens your eyes and offers concrete solutions to the problems.
Participant, University of Luxembourg

The lecturer answered all questions, was very competent and personable. ‹
Participant, University of Luxembourg

The further training brought me a lot on the subject of object orientation in Java. The practical exercises, which build on one another, illustrate the theoretical part very well.
Oleg N., Technical Information Library Hanover (TIB)