How to make healthy dog ​​food

Cooking dog food yourself: great recipes for four-legged friends

When it comes to food for pets, Liviana Prola knows her way around: the Italian veterinarian who researches and teaches at the University of Turin specializes in nutritional science. Whether dog, cat or iguana: Prola knows the connections between nutrition, behavior and health. That's why she wrote a cookbook especially for dogs. Here are some of the recipes your four-legged friends will love to try out.

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Recipe for dogs: lamb and cod with egg

With a balanced dog diet, fish is of course also on the menu. Cod makes this recipe a special treat and, in addition to the eggs, provides plenty of protein. Pumpkin seeds provide the four-legged friend with sufficient zinc and magnesium - this is good for the skin, fur and muscles.

If you want to feed your dog a balanced diet, you should also feed them fish. Source: Agnieszka Krus

That's how it's done: Put the cod in a steamer or in a colander that is hung in a well-covered pot of boiling water. Steam for eight to ten minutes, until the fish is cooked through. Let cool and cut finely. Fry the lamb in a grill pan without fat, taking care not to let it brown. Let cool and cut finely. Mix the cut meat and fish. Add the salmon oil, spirulina and ground pumpkin seeds. Shape the entire mixture into dumplings. Cook the carrots with the peas. Cook the eggs until soft so that the egg white is firm and the yolk is liquid. Add the pine nuts to the peas and carrots, then add some nutritional supplements and mix in the corn oil. Peel the eggs and place on a layer of vegetables with the dumplings in the bowl.

That is needed for one kilogram: 180 g cod (cut into small pieces), 105 g lamb, 1 tbsp salmon oil, 1 tbsp / 18 g spirulina powder, 3 tbsp pumpkin seeds (roasted and ground), 250 g carrots (diced), 180 g peas, 190 g eggs, 3 tbsp / 18 g pine nuts, 1 tbsp corn oil.

Weight of dog and amount of food: 5 kg: 280 g, 10 kg: 475 g, 15 kg: 640 g, 20 kg: 790 g, 30 kg: 1.1 kg, 40 kg: 1.34 kg.

Recipe for dogs: oatmeal with turkey and potatoes

Much like humans, poor nutrition can cause problems in dogs too. If you cook the food yourself, you can not only prevent it, but also cure it. This cereal dish, for example, helps with constipation, because the mixed in spelled, oat or millet flakes provide the dog with plenty of fiber.

Cooking for your dog yourself can prevent diseases. Source: Agnieszka Krus

That's how it's done: Cook the oat flakes in plenty of water for at least five minutes longer than specified, until they are very soft. Drain most of the water until it is a pulp. Let cool down. Sear the turkey breast in a grill pan without fat, taking care not to let it brown (add a little water if necessary). Let cool, cut finely and add to the oat flakes. Put the potatoes in a steamer or in a sieve that is hung in a well-covered pot of boiling water. Simmer for ten minutes until cooked. Let cool and mash with the kefir. Add the oil and some food supplement to the oat flakes and turkey and feed with the kefir potatoes.

variant: Barley flakes can be used instead of oat flakes.

That is needed for one kilogram