Is it snowing in Seattle right now?

Seattle: 90-year-old trudges ten kilometers in the snow to the vaccination appointment

In order not to miss her vaccination appointment, a 90-year-old woman from the US west coast metropolis of Seattle walked ten kilometers through the snow. Fran Goldman trudged along snow-covered paths with her two sticks; there had been about three feet of snow in the region. This reports "The Seattle Times".

Goldman had tried for days to get a vaccination appointment. “In the morning, in the afternoon, and often I was even online at night for this,” she says. Her daughter and a friend tried it for her too, but to no avail.

Until she found the site of the Seattle Children's Hospital, which had just started offering vaccinations. “I was expecting another dead end,” says Goldman. But then a window opened asking when she wanted to come. "I couldn't believe my eyes," said Goldman. "I had to get my glasses to see if I really saw them."

She made an appointment for 9:10 a.m. on Sunday morning, not knowing that a snow storm was coming. On Saturday, however, it began to snow. The 90-year-old took her sticks and tried to walk four kilometers. Since she succeeded, she made up her mind to go to the vaccination appointment.

"My mother won't let anything like snow stop her"

Finally, on Sunday, Goldman, who had had a new hip last year, put on some fat and started walking. She had on snowshoes and a rain jacket over her down coat. "It wasn't easy, it was a challenge," she told the newspaper, reporting that some parts of the path were icy. But Goldman was only five minutes late for her appointment. It wasn't a problem, she got the vaccination.

"My mother doesn't let something like snow stop her from getting the vaccine," says her daughter Ruth Goldman. “She is a really remarkable person. She always has the attitude: "I won't let small adversities get in my way.‘ She is someone who is always looking for solutions. "