VMWare is the largest hypervisor company


  1. VMware is to act again in the future independently of the majority owner Dell. Dell wants to generate almost 10 billion US dollars with it.

  2. Is there anything else? What else happened on March 31, 2021 in addition to the big news, in a nutshell.

  3. A serious security hole in the virtualization solution vCenter from VMware allows attackers to take over the server.

  4. The US secret service NSA sees Russian actors behind attacks on a security hole in VMware products

  5. What else happened on September 30, 2020 in addition to the big news, in a nutshell.

  1. SCHOTT AG, Mainz
  2. ORBIT Society for Application and Information Systems mbH, Bonn
  3. Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians in Hesse, Frankfurt
  4. DUAL Deutschland GmbH, Cologne

  1. Almost 50 percent of Vodafone's core network nodes are operated on the VMware NVI platform.

  2. The server and cloud virtualization vSphere 7 relies fully on Kubernetes and containers - in addition to the classic VM.

  3. Dell is still heavily in debt. Now, with RSA, a well-known subsidiary is to be given up again.

  4. The virtualization specialist VMware is working in the Nautilus project to offer containers and later also the orchestration Kubernetes in its desktop products Fusion and Workstation.

  5. The virtualization expert VMware buys two software companies in the areas of enterprise apps and security. The largest single shareholder in VMware is Dell.

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  1. Due to its architecture, version 2 of the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) will make the use of other virtualization products very difficult. Other differences will probably also ensure that WSL 1 is to be retained in the medium term.

  2. The now officially ended GPL dispute between Linux developer Christoph Hellwig and VMware shows blatantly how difficult it is to map modern software development in current copyright law. At least it is becoming clearer how such lawsuits will have to be designed in the future.
    An analysis by Sebastian Grüner

  3. After the lawsuit by Linux developer Christoph Hellwig against VMware was also dismissed in the appeal proceedings, the developer is not filing any further legal remedies. Hellwig had accused VMware of violating the GPL and believes that his goal of compliance with the license has been achieved.

  1. Linux developer Christoph Hellwig's lawsuit against VMware was also dismissed in the appeal proceedings. Hellwig had accused the company of violating the GPLv2 and thus violating copyright law.

  2. A sale of SecureWorks could bring Dell over $ 2 billion. The manufacturer urgently needs to reduce its debts.

  3. In the appeal negotiation at the Hanseatic Higher Regional Court Hamburg in the GPL lawsuit between a kernel developer and VMware, there could be an agreement. If this does not happen, a judgment will probably be reached that once again does not deal with the important questions relating to the interpretation of the GPL.
    An analysis by Sebastian Grüner

  1. Following offers from the competition, Amazon is now also offering an on-premise solution for its cloud service. With Outpost, customers can put Amazon's hardware and software in their own data center. Alternatively, VMware software can also be used on the server racks.

  2. A security gap affects the popular virtualization programs VMware Player and Workstation. Attackers can use it to execute code on the host system, which makes them quite critical. The update distributed by VMware should be installed quickly.

  3. The poor energy balance of blockchain transactions is a reason for VMware to offer its own system. A first beta version of Project Concord is open source and should be more energy efficient. Nevertheless, it relies on common systems such as Ethereum and Hyperledger.

  1. VMware's expansion plans are optimistic: The company wants to be represented in many more zones by 2020. After that there are even plans to expand into relatively challenging Chinese locations. The takeover of Red Hat by IBM is an opportunity.

  2. Kubernetes is apparently a big issue for VMware. The company takes over the specialized startup Heptio. The goal: to be able to offer Kubernetes as a Service with the new product Cloud pks. The service is set to become the new standard for container orchestration.

  3. Virtualization specialist VMware is porting its Esxi hypervisor to ARM64. This should allow ARM to be hosted on ARM systems. However, this is not intended as a replacement for x86 server farms, but for so-called edge computing.

  1. VMware and Amazon enter into another partnership and offer Amazon RDS for the much-used VMware virtualization environment. The service is compatible with MySQL and many other database management systems: a clear competitor to Microsoft's Azure cloud.

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  2. Dell wants to go public again with a complex stock deal. A few billions of dollars must be spent buying shares.

  3. The Internet of Things is an important market - at least that's how Dell, Vmware and Microsoft see it. The three companies are partnering to create a common edge computing platform. The tasks are clearly distributed.

  4. Many cores and hard drive bays: Qnaps TS-x77 is not only intended as network storage and should also be able to be used as a host system for virtual machines. Up to 64 GB of RAM and a Ryzen processor from AMD provide the necessary computing power.

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  5. Come to us! A first preview of Microsoft's Azure Migration Tool analyzes the customer's cloud infrastructure and helps with the switch to Azure. So far this only works with VMware products.

  6. i3.metal is a new offer from AWS EC2 in which the customer only rents the hardware. He can then run his own operating system and other software on it, just like on a traditional server. The principle of AWS: Products are offered to all instead of just individual customers.

  7. Servermark from Futuremark can test server nodes and clusters for performance. A first version simulates the conversion of 4K video content. A version for virtual machines will follow later. A web server benchmark is also in progress.

  8. A bug in the network driver can render the firmware of a network card in HPE servers unusable. Servers with installed VMware ESXi hypervisor are affected. The support can only advise you to change the network card.

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  9. VMware is expanding its range with a whole host of new offers and technologies - also with a lot of open source software. There is a clear focus on security and containers. In addition, VMware wants to win customers in the telecommunications sector with a special cloud stack offer.

  10. Vodafone has secured software licenses and support from VMware to provide Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) for 5G. It's about a virtualized infrastructure for the development of new services.

  11. With Appdefense, VMware wants to offer an independent security solution. VMware's ESX hypervisor is to monitor the virtual machines running on it in the future. If anomalies are discovered, the system administrator is alerted or the affected VM is simply switched off automatically.

  12. Vmware Fusion simulates Windows or Linux on MacOS. With Fusion 10, this should also be possible on current Macs. The program also makes use of the metal interface and offers network simulations for test purposes.

  13. Netapp's new hyper-converged servers are divided into modules. Storage and computing resources are separate and are sold in cases for up to four of these blocks. The advantages: easy scalability and quick set-up time. However, binding to the provider is mandatory.

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  14. The Linux Foundation is a consortium designed to promote the growth of Linux. VMware Inc. was accepted as a new member in the gold standard.

  15. The result of the action brought by the kernel developer Christoph Hellweg against VMware is unsuccessful, the Hamburg Regional Court ruled. However, the judges did not even deal with Hellweg's main allegation. The kernel hacker wants to appeal.

  16. A lot of subjunctive and very few clear statements: In the first oral hearing of the GPL lawsuit against VMWare, the judges tried hard to get through things that only computer specialists understand. The questions of principle were postponed until later.
    From Sebastian Grüner

  17. Almost ten years after the last major version, version 0.4.0 of the Windows replica ReactOS was released. Improvements in file system and hardware support, among other things, bring the operating system closer to a free implementation of the Windows NT architecture.

  18. According to an interim status of the GPL lawsuit against VMware, the company doubts the legality of the allegations by kernel hacker Christoph Hellwig, as his copyright is not affected. Hellwig is one of the most productive Linux developers at all.

  19. Some VMware virtualization services have critical security vulnerabilities. Patches are already available for download.

  20. The Mac virtualization environment VMware Fusion has been released in version 8, which offers full support for Windows 10. You can even use Cortana under OS X and run Windows applications in Mac windows.

  21. Full access to the host system from a guest system is possible via weak points in VMware's workstation and player. VMware has already released updates.

  22. As an alternative to Docker, CoreOS is developing a container standard and the Rocket runtime environment. There is now official support from Google, Red Hat and VMware.

  23. Even after a long discussion, VMware refused to implement the requirements of the GPL. A lawsuit had become inevitable, said lawyer Karen Sandler at the Libreplanet conference.

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  24. Linux developer Christoph Hellwig accuses VMware of violating the GPL and is now suing the company after failed talks. Technically, however, the matter is complicated.

  25. The Mesosphere operating system should allow the servers of an entire data center to be managed like a single device. To do this, technology is used that, among other things, also uses Twitter.

  26. The virtualization of graphics processors now goes far beyond remote desktops. With its "Grid vGPU" system, Nvidia is now supporting VMWare with new applications, and the system will soon also run on Chromebooks. Among other things, Airbus is already working with it.

  27. In addition to software, VMWare will also offer its own server hardware in the future, as the company announced at the in-house exhibition. In addition, the cooperation with Docker is to be improved and an Openstack distribution is to appear.

  28. The storage specialist EMC presented products in Las Vegas that were primarily cloud solutions and those favored by the EMC subsidiary VMware "Software-defined data center" support.

  1. VMware ESXi available free of charge

    As announced, VMware has released its ESXi hypervisor for free. Server virtualization does not require a host operating system, but executes virtual machines directly.

  2. VMware boss was fired

    After Diane Greene's surprising departure from VMware, speculation is heating up. It is now clear: Greene did not vacate her boss voluntarily. It is now expected that you will be followed by other VMware employees. The stock market price collapsed after the news.

  3. VMware: Don't be afraid of Xen

    VMware advertised its own in-house exhibition VMworld as the virtualization event of the year and was actually very open. Around 80 exhibitors showed their solutions to almost 7,000 visitors - including competitors such as XenSource, Virtual Iron and Microsoft. The cooperation between different products is also an important concern of VMware, said VMware president and co-founder Diane Greene in an interview with Golem.de.

  4. VMware: "There Will Be Some Winners Left"

    The virtualization market is moving. After the successful or imminent market entry of Citrix, Oracle and Microsoft, business for VMware could also get tougher. But the provider sees the situation calmly and relies on his experience.

  5. VMware Workstation 6.5 as beta

    Virtualization specialist VMware has released its Workstation 6.5 product as a beta version. Among other things, the support for 3D graphics has been improved. ACE 2.5 is now also available as a beta. The Lifecycle Manager for controlling virtual machines is also available as a final version.

  6. VMware Server 2.0 as a release candidate

    The free VMware Server 2.0 is available as a release candidate. Additional SCSI hard disks can now be added to virtual machines during operation. The Volume Shadow Copy Service in Windows is also supported.

  1. Monster with purpose and purpose

    Simply placing a few residents and monsters in a virtual world doesn't work. Instead, there are a few rules to follow - and the right hierarchy, according to one of the developers of The Elder Scrolls Online.
    (Elder Scrolls Online)

  2. Android 4.2.2 fixes some bugs

    The distribution of Android's new version 4.2.2 has started, the update is already available in some countries for the Nexus 7, the Nexus 10 and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. There doesn't seem to be any major changes, but users report stability improvements.
    (Android update)

  3. Samsung distributes Android 4.1 for the Galaxy Note 10.1

    In Germany, Samsung has released the update to Android 4.1 alias Jelly Bean for the Galaxy Note 10.1. For the time being, the update is only available for the Galaxy Note 10.1 with an integrated cellular modem. A month later it was also released for the WLAN-only version.
    (Jelly Bean)

  4. 30 euro mobile phone flat rate now permanently with data flat rate

    Congstar has reacted again to the competition, which is currently trying to win customers over with cheap cell phone and data flat rates. The full flat rate for 30 euros with a free data flat rate is now permanently available until the end of the year.

  5. Dr. House as a possible villain

    Robocop is coming back in a remake movie. And the cyborg cop might be up against House Dr. Hugh Laurie this time.

  6. Three new Android 4.0 smartphones with powerful cameras

    HTC One X should make the digital camera superfluous with fast release, fast autofocus and a large aperture. In addition, Dropbox is integrated and HTC Sense reaches version 4 on the Android 4 smartphone.
    (Android 4)

  7. Wii U is coming for Christmas 2012

    It's official: the new Nintendo Wii U game console will hit the market at the end of 2012, including in Europe.
    (Wii U)

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