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We are your parental allowance advisors

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Our experience from over 25.000 We use counseling cases to support you on the topics of parental allowance and parental leave. We offer you individual advice, tailored to your personal situation, in order to plan your parental allowance as best as possible.

At the same time, we provide you with an important decision-making aid for the optimal organization of your parental leave. Parental allowance and parental leave are separate benefits, but they should be well coordinated. We are happy to help you with this too.

We strongly recommend you to in front to get advice on the application for parental allowance. We offer you a professional and comprehensive but also fee-based advice.

We offer a special service to parents who are already receiving parental allowance and are wondering whether it is worthwhile for them to return to part-time work earlier: You can have our parental allowance advisors calculate the maximum possible additional income that can be offset against Parental Allowance Plus (additional income calculation). .

Why is parental allowance so complicated?

On November 10, 1998, the Federal Constitutional Court made it clear that the parents can decide for themselves how they live together as a family and that the state should encourage and support all of the parents' life plans. Even today, in the year 2021, we are still a long way from truly treating all lifestyles equally. However, the parental allowance has already been designed very flexibly and thus offers parents different options for claiming it. At the same time, the regulations on parental allowance express the legislature's political will to involve the fathers more closely in the educational work and to reintegrate the mothers into the labor market more quickly.

The complexity of the parental allowance is therefore an expression of the many options for receiving parental allowance and the design of the accompanying parental leave. For example, the following topics are discussed in the consultation:

  • Are you entitled to parental allowance at all? That can be quite easy to clarify or it can be very complex.
  • What is the interaction between maternity leave, parental leave and parental allowance and what must be taken into account?
  • How did you think about the distribution of the reference months with your partner and is this even possible and sensible?
  • Which periods are taken into account for the amount of parental allowance and can it still be changed positively?
  • If necessary, it must be clarified whether the company car would rather be returned to the employer while receiving parental allowance.
  • Does the father also want to receive parental allowance and does the employer tolerate more than two months of parental leave?
  • Is it worth working part-time while receiving parental allowance? Is there any credit-free additional earnings?
  • Is the parental allowance tax-free and what does "progression reservation" mean?
  • Is it still possible to increase the amount of the parental allowance by changing the tax bracket?
  • How is the parental allowance calculated? Do one-off payments also count towards income?
  • Can a 1-year parental leave be extended after a year without any problems?
  • What is the maximum time that parental allowance can be drawn if both want to look after the child in partnership?

The questions can be expanded endlessly. They always arise from the consultation and the respective personal situation of the parents. We cannot answer every question immediately either. But thanks to our many years of experience, we are at least well prepared. And if we don't know something, we'll tell you openly.

our prices

- securely wrapped -
- well looked after -
- all-round care -
90 euros120 euros170 euros
  • Appointment subject to availability
  • Appointment within 10 days
  • Including 3 months of inquiries
  • Including 6 months of inquiries
  • Incl. unlimited Inquiries
  • Senior Consultant guaranteed
  • Senior Consultant guaranteed
  • schematic Assessment check
+ 60, - Euro application service optional
We fill out the applications for you.
150 euros total180 euros total230 euros in total
Further services:
  • Application service without advice: 80 euro
  • Child benefit application service: 40 euros
  • Additional earnings calculation: 45 euros
All prices include VAT.

This is how our advice works

  1. You contact us by phone or email.
  2. Our customer service explains the consultation process to you and you book a consultation.
  3. We will call you at the consultation appointment. Please plan an hour.
  4. After the consultation, you will be fully informed about parental allowance.
  5. You either fill out the application forms by yourself or book our optional application service.

We advise not only in German but also in English and Russian. Please note that our appointments are usually taken quickly. We therefore recommend that you make an appointment with us as early as possible. An early appointment enables us to advise you even more comprehensively. For example, with regard to parental leave and the deadlines to be observed there.