Is unprocessed sugar better for you

For a healthy diet: the best sugar-free foods

A small definition in advance: By "sugar" we do not mean the extremely useful and energy-rich molecules that are part of natural foods such as fruits and grains. These sugar compounds are part of a healthy diet because they provide us with energy and are important building blocks for our metabolism. In contrast, so-called free sugars, for example in honey, syrup and juice, and the added sugar in cakes, lemonades or ketchup can endanger our health. According to the German Nutrition Society (DGE), this is confirmed by numerous studies: "A high and frequent intake of sugar promotes the development of overweight and obesity as well as numerous diseases associated with overweight such as type 2 diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular diseases and the development of tooth decay." In pregnant women A very high-sugar and high-fat diet can even increase the risk that the child will develop ADHD later - this was found out in a study by scientists from King's College in London.

Sugar free foods In terms of a healthy and balanced diet, according to this definition:

  • unprocessed foods as nature produces them,
  • Food that you prepare yourself - without sugar, honey, syrup or juices,
  • industrially produced foods that are processed without added sugar, honey, syrup, juice or juice concentrate.