What do cats like?

Already knew? These are the 10 things cats don't like

Not only are our cats cute, but they can also be totally sweet. But most of the time they are not! They spread their fur all over the apartment, scratch the furniture, throw the decorations over and make a hell of a noise in the middle of the night.

If you've always wondered why your cat is chasing you to the bathroom and why it runs away every time you put on your new perfume, now is the time to pay attention. We'll tell you ten things cats don't like.

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1. What cats don't like: Being stared at

Cats can be so cute when they turn their fluffy tummies up in their sleep, clean themselves extensively, or chase after their favorite toys. So it's no wonder that we could basically watch our kitties all day long.

The problem: cats absolutely hate it when we stare at them all the time or - even worse - constantly look them straight in the eye.

At best, your cat will just think you're pretty rude. In the worst case, it will unsettle and frighten them. She may even want to beat you up. Why? Cats stare at each other when they are about to fight. It is therefore a threatening gesture.

So in the future it is better to blink or watch the cat out of the corner of your eye.

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2. What cats don't like: Loud noises and noise

As soon as we get the vacuum cleaner out of the closet, our cats' mood sinks to the lowest point. The reactions range from condescending death looks to immediate escape under bed. The reason: cats hate noise.

Regardless of whether you like to listen to loud music and dance around the booth, have stress with your partner again or scold the cat for doing something wrong: With all kinds of shouting and noise, you are definitely only doing one thing: That your cat will run away as quickly as possible.

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3. What cats don't like: routine changes

Cats are creatures of habit. Knowing that they can expect breakfast and dinner at the same time each day calms them down. If you forget to set the alarm clock, you can be sure that your cat will alert you to this mistake.

Cats find change anything but great. Are you moving or have you bought a new piece of furniture? Are you going to have a baby or your friend has moved in with you? Or maybe you just moved the litter box 4 millimeters further to the left?

Congratulations, your cat has no understanding for that and is probably pissed off for now. In the worst case, so much that she pees in your apartment. So always try to introduce changes cautiously. Means like Feliway (available here at Zooplus *), which are plugged into the socket, can also give cats a safe and relaxed feeling.

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4. What cats don't like: Strong smells

Cats are very clean animals. A litter box that is not cleaned regularly is therefore not to your liking. But cats are not only very sensitive to unpleasant smells in the litter box.

Due to their sensitive nose, they also do not like typical kitchen smells such as onion, garlic, vinegar or cinnamon. Most of these foods are toxic to cats! Have you ever wondered why your cat suddenly gave way when you rubbed yourself with menthol or sprayed room spray with a citrus scent? Cats also hate the smell of essential oils.

But to come back to the litter box: Your nose will be happy about scented cat litter, but not your cat's.

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5. What cats don't like: water

Cats + water = hatred. If you've ever dared accidentally send a few splashes in the direction of your cat while washing dishes, you probably know that cats can whiz off at the speed of light.

As with everything, there are exceptions, of course, but most cats can very well avoid coming into contact with water. Therefore, you should not bathe them under any circumstances if it is not necessary for health reasons. Cats are very clean and take care of their own fur.

The situation is similar with drinking water. Most cats only like this when it is fresh and has not been standing around for a few days and is full of lint. The best option is a drinking fountain, because the flowing, fresh water encourages even lazy cats to drink.

There's a super rated drinking fountain here on Amazon. *

6. What cats don't like: Being roused from their sleep

Especially when cats sleep, they look incredibly cute and we quickly get the irresistible urge to stroke their soft fur.

But cats don't find it great to be constantly roused from their sleep. Instead of being in a cuddle mood, they can get really grumpy. So give them time for their beauty sleep, because cats sleep up to 18 hours a day.

7. What cats don't like: boredom

Speaking of sleep, cats hate boredom and openly vent their displeasure. For example, by meowing or scratching the furniture. Usually our house tigers are too exactly then Well rested, wide awake and ready to do whatever is wrong when we are slumbering blissfully in bed at 3 a.m.

Have you ever sat bolt upright in bed in the middle of the night because it sounded like a wall had just collapsed? Yep, your cat is boring first and secondly, she hates being ignored by you.

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8. What cats don't like: locked doors

If you've made the mistake of closing the door once, the fun really starts. Because: Cats are little stalkers and control freaks and can't stand it when you exclude them.

So prepare yourself for the fact that from now on you will never go to the toilet by yourself again. Please also introduce your new partner to your cat first before you invite them over night.

9. What cats don't like: Being touched all the time

There is hardly anything better than cuddling with the cat and listening to the calming purr. As a die-hard cat owner, however, you know: Cats don't want to be petted all the time and, above all, cuddling usually follows their own rules.

If your cat comes to you, strokes your legs or nudges you with its nose, does it want a few pats (- or it is hungry again). However, when your cat is doing its own thing, it usually doesn't want you to constantly go to it to pet it.

And it should be clear, but holding the cat by the tail is an absolute no-go.

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10. What cats don't like: Being taken on vacation

You can see them all the time on Instagram: Adventure Cats. And yes, there are certainly exceptions for cats who like to drive and go on adventures with their owners. But the common (apartment) cat doesn't really enjoy traveling.

Therefore: Avoid unnecessary jaunts with your cat in your luggage to take them with you on vacation. Because not only the drive is stressful for your cat (after all, the car usually only goes to the vet), but also the change of location.

Above all, cats are one thing: very localized and little control freaks who hate change.


If you take these ten rules to heart, nothing stands in the way of a relaxed coexistence (as a slave to your cat).

After all, cats are still the best roommates. And to be honest: a hair-free household with privacy is overrated anyway.

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