Jeffrey Dahmer's death was fake

Jeffrey Dahmer's life (and death) in prison

Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer admitted killing 17 young men and boys between 1978 and his 1991 arrest. His horrific crimes of lobotomies, "living zombies", sex with corpses, dismembering victims and cannibalizing body parts made him a notorious figure. He said Date line In 1994, he killed his victims because he wanted "to keep them with me for as long as possible, even if it only meant keeping part of them." Dahmer has been sentenced to 16 consecutive life sentences & # x2014; more than 900 years & # x2014; but being notorious meant that his time behind bars would never be that of the average prisoner.

Originally isolated, Dahmer was granted more freedom after a year

In February 1992, Dahmer joined the Columbia Correctional Institution in Portage, Wisconsin. Because of its notoriety & # x2014; The prodigious nature of his crimes had attracted worldwide attention & # x2014; Prison officials felt it was safer to keep Dahmer out of the general population than to risk another inmate making a name for himself by attacking the famous serial killer. In protective custody, Dahmer was isolated from other prisoners and had to be handcuffed when he was not in his cell.

Dahmer didn't see big waves in his first year in prison. When he asked for more freedom of movement and interaction with other inmates, the prison officials listened. Dahmer was transferred from his isolated cell to a ward for prisoners with emotional problems. He was also able to attend classes, eat meals together, and do work. Although he seemed to get along with his fellow inmates, this closer, sometimes unsupervised contact with others would prove fatal for Dahmer.

Dahmer often indulged in morbid jokes and ridicules related to his past. He once put up a sign promoting a meeting with Cannibals Anonymous. He said to the prisoners and guards, "I'll bite," and then he was pleased with any nervous reaction. And the cannibal killer formed prison food to resemble body parts or severed limbs with ketchup as blood to disturb his fellow prisoners. In particular, the fake body parts irritated the inmate, who would kill Dahmer.

Jeffrey Dahmer in jail

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Dahmer had a religious calling and was baptized in prison

Some of Dahmer's time behind bars was spent in religious studies; His father, a born again Christian, had sent him some materials, and the prisoner had taken a correspondence Bible course. In the spring of 1994, Dahmer expressed his interest in a changeover. Roy Ratcliff, a Church of Christ minister, visited him and volunteered to help. In May 1994, a dressed Dahmer was immersed in a hot tub in prison and baptized by Ratcliff.

At the time of his religious conversion, many questioned Dahmer's sincerity as he was a skillful manipulator who used his intelligence to prevent past crimes. But Dahmer was committed enough to meet the pastor who'd baptized him for weekly Bible studies. They last met five days before Dahmer's death. During that meeting, they discussed the book of Revelation, which topics include death, punishment for sin, and damnation.

While on a chapel duty in July 1994, another prisoner tried to knock Dahmer's neck down. But the blade of the homemade weapon broke off, so that Dahmer was only scratched. After that, he was temporarily sent to isolation, but didn't want to stay there. Dahmer said his attacker, a Cuban, tried to do something to get deported home. This led the prison to label the attack as an "isolated incident," and officials therefore decided that their famous prisoner could return and live among the general population.


Dahmer was murdered while cleaning up the prison's bathroom

On the morning of November 28, 1994, Dahmer was on the cleaning service & # x2014; which he'd started three weeks earlier & # x2014; in the prison's fitness bathroom with two other inmates, Jesse Anderson and Christopher Scarver. The three were left alone for 20 minutes; When the guards returned, they found the sticky bodies of Dahmer and Anderson, who'd been beaten by Scarver. Dahmer was pronounced dead an hour later; Anderson also died in the attack. In a 2015 interview, Scarver stated that he hated Dahmer and raised the question of whether prison staff, who'd been aware of this and had purposely left them alone.

Some think Dahmer had a death wish

When convicted in 1992, Dahmer had said, "I never wanted freedom. To be honest, I wanted death for myself." He's later said to his pastor, "I think I should have been killed by the state for what I did." (Wisconsin doesn't have a death penalty, so the death penalty was never an option.) And Dahmer's willingness to join the general prison population made some of those who'd known he wondered if he'd purposely recruited behind bars about death. After the fatal attack, his attorney Gerald Boyle said, "Dahmer had a death wish and I know he didn't, I have the courage to do it myself and I predicted the day will come when he's in Prison is killed. "

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