Why is fencing equipment white

Fencing in Waldkirch

So that the athletes are protected from injuries when fencing, certain fencing equipment is mandatory. This is subject to special equipment regulations of the German Fencing Federation and the FIE (Fédération Internationale d’Escrime). It must be used both in competition and in training.

The fencing equipment consists of the following parts:

  • Mask,
  • Under vest (plastron),
  • Plastic chest protector under the jacket (only mandatory for girls and women),
  • Fencing jacket,
  • Fencing pants,
  • Fencing glove,
  • Fencing stockings,
  • Weapon (sword),
  • Body cable (for fencing with electrical hit display),
  • Groin guard for boys and men (not mandatory),
  • Fencing shoes (not mandatory),
  • Fencing bag (not mandatory).

All parts are available from specialized fencing outfitters, you can find the corresponding links on our website. In addition, the fencing department organizes the sale of used parts at the beginning of each season (September / October). Just talk to us.

An SVW badge is required on the fencing jacket to participate in tournaments. The badge is available from the trainer for a fee of 6 euros and must be sewn onto one of the sleeves.

The following table shows the costs of fencing equipment for students up to the age of 11 as a guide. (From the B-youth, the security requirements and thus the costs increase.) All information is provided without guarantee.

Fencing articlescosts
mask79 €
Under vest (plastron)27 €
Fencing jacket78 €
Fencing pants49 €
Fencing glove16 €
Sword56 €
Body cord17 €
TOTAL322 €

The following parts do not necessarily have to be purchased from a fencing supplier:

Fencing socks (long, white knee socks)15 €
Fencing shoes (sports shoes)60 €
Fencing bag (sports bag)50 €

The swords are exposed to great stress in a battle. That's why something breaks on the sword from time to time. This ranges from a lost grub screw to a spring that has lost its power to the blade breaking. Especially in a tournament match it is necessary to have a replacement epee ready as soon as possible in the event of such problems, otherwise the fencer will be punished by the umpire. And since the greater the age and the strength of the fencer, the greater the likelihood of a defective sword, a single replacement epee is no longer sufficient. Our recommendation is:

  • B1 youth: at least 1 replacement epee for tournaments.
  • B2 youth: at least 1 spare epee for tournaments and training.
  • A-youth: for tournaments and training at least 2 spare epeeks.