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For the vast majority of sayings, it is not known when or how they originated. Many of them surely occurred to the author spontaneously or arose from a specific occasion. I imagine it would be difficult for someone to just sit down and say, "So, now I'm going to write 10 aphorisms." All authors, regardless of what they write about, need a brilliant idea at the beginning.

The following quote from Einstein is documented in more detail in its creation, perhaps because Einstein is said to have given it as a kind of "tip" in the form of a handwritten note to a servant in 1922 because he had no change on hand. The note was recently sold at auction for the unbelievable sum of 1.56 million euros, and another for "only" 204,000 euros.

At auctions I often ask myself why someone pays such sums and whether they can or even want to refinance something like that. But ultimately this question has to be answered by the respective buyer, for whom the exhibit may also have a personal value.

According to auction house Winner's, Einstein wrote the line down because of the sudden hype around him when it became known that he would receive the Nobel Prize in Physics that year. Then one could understand it as a kind of "premonition" that the following celebrity would also bring some downsides with it.

Einstein had apparently already pointed out to the recipient that the notes could at some point be worth significantly more than a simple tip. As we all know, not the only prediction of Einstein that came later or that could be proven experimentally ...

Fortunately, we as readers can enjoy this quote completely free of charge, even if we "only" see it on our screen:

Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

»Message from" Süddeutsche Zeitung "from October 27th, 2017

»Winner's Auction No. 102

Author: Dr. Torsten Beyer

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Helmut Martens December 8th, 2017 at 2:53:04 pm

Since happiness is a very individual feeling and not a measurable quantity, the sentence may have applied to Einstein, but does not have to be a generally applicable yardstick.

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