Should I meet my ex for lunch

Ex wants to go out to dinner with me - what's that supposed to mean?

hi Guys,

I'm totally blown ... don't know how to act.
I completely broke off contact with my ex ... I deleted everything from him because after 3 years of relationship he decided in favor of his loved one. that was christmas. I have to say that I'm not over him yet. cry a lot and think about him and his stupid chick all the time. ; (((
he often tried to contact me ... for whatever reason ..
today he wrote me a text message that he still has to think of me from time to time ... and that he is sorry for what he did to me (see older contributions from me) .... he may would like to meet and eat with me.
what shoud that? doesn't he have his girlfriend ?! can he just not leave me alone? ; ((
I finally asked him why he wanted to have dinner with me and what the purpose was! After a long hesitation he only wrote that he wanted to have a reconciliation between our friendship.
he can put his friendship anywhere else! I swore I'd never have anything to do with him again ... because he did a really tough job for me.

But actually I really want to see him! I miss him; ((and love anyway ...

I also don't think that he just wants to go out to eat because of the friendship with me .... or what do you think?
should I or not ?! ; (((


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