Can I do something about my penis?

Penile injuries

External penis injuries: Triggered by blunt violence such as falling or kicking the genitals. Are a special form Penile leaks, where the skin on the penis is sheared off by a stab or cut. The heaviest form is that Penile amputation through accidents or other violence. The Penile fracture (Penile fracture), on the other hand, is a tear in the erectile tissue of the penis with pronounced kinking of the penis during intercourse. It is accompanied by a cracking noise and severe pain. The erection immediately subsides, the penis turns blue and swollen, and sometimes there is bleeding from the urethra.

Strangulation injuries come by slipping on constricting rings or bottles, e.g. B. in the context of masturbation. The narrow object restricts the blood supply to the penis and there is a risk of tissue damage.

Internal penile injuries caused by inserting objects into the urethra so that it is pierced.

Doctors often treat blunt injuries and minor tears in the skin conservatively. Gunshot, stabbing and bite injuries, as well as self-harm, usually require surgery to restore the penis and its functions.

Leading complaints

  • Cracking noise during sex, immediate decrease in erection, severe pain, blue discoloration and swelling of the penis when the penis breaks
  • Open injuries
  • Pain, swelling
  • Bleeding from the urethra
  • Penile amputation.

When to the doctor

Call a doctor or an emergency doctor immediately

  • ailments and injuries mentioned above.

The illness

Because of its location outside the body, the penis can be injured in a number of ways. Penis injuries are divided into

  • penetrating injuries from firearms or stabbing weapons
  • blunt injuries from sports or traffic accidents
  • Self-injuries by putting rings or bottles over them (strangulation injuries)
  • Bite injuries from animals or humans
  • Burns (rare)
  • Penile fracture (tear of the erectile tissue caused by bending maneuvers during erection), very rare, 1: 175,000 hospital admissions.

Diagnostic assurance

The penis injury is usually a visual diagnosis. A more in-depth inspection is often only possible under anesthesia due to the severe pain.

To find out to what extent other organs such as testicles, bladder or prostate are impaired, the doctor performs an ultrasound examination. If a urethral injury is suspected, he will initiate a urethrogram.

If the penis fractures, the doctor can use an MRI to see where the erectile tissue has torn.


Blunt injuries and small tears in the skin, the doctor often treats conservatively by disinfecting the wound, cooling and elevating the penis and scrotum.

Also a Penile fracture with only a small bruise (hematoma) is treated conservatively in some cases with bed rest and a compression bandage. However, if there is a more severe injury, this is sutured with contrast medium after a puncture and exposure of the erectile tissue. The doctor will prescribe an antibiotic to prevent infections.

At Gunshot or stab wounds Immediate surgical treatment with wound cleaning, covering and subsequent suturing is required. In addition, the doctor gives antibiotic therapy and checks the vaccination protection.

At Bite injuries the doctors decide individually whether the wound should be closed immediately after cleaning the wound or not until later.

Is there a Amputation injury Before doing this, doctors try to sew the penis back on if possible. First they connect the urethra and the erectile tissue, then nerves, veins and arteries. If the penis is in poor condition, e.g. B. due to extreme injuries, the cavernous bodies are sutured and the urethra may be diverted via the perineum.

are Penis and urethra injured, the doctor temporarily places an indwelling catheter through the abdominal wall into the bladder to drain the urine from suprapubic urinary catheters. The injury is then reconstructed.

In the case of strangulation injuries, the constricting object must be removed as quickly as possible in order to restore the blood supply to the penis. The doctor surgically cuts through very hard materials (e.g. steel rings) using an electric angle grinder.


Decisive for the prognosis of penile injuries is their extent and the timing of medical care. Slight blunt injuries usually heal without consequences.

In severe injuries involving the urethra, urethral strictures can develop, which in the long term lead to bladder emptying disorders and vesicorenal reflux, thereby damaging the kidneys.

Especially in the case of severe penile injuries, there is a risk of long-term erection disorders, but also penile curvature due to pathological healing processes. When the penis breaks, psychological trauma is often left behind.


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