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Onanism and its health consequences Brahmacharya Celibacy

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by Samuel Auguste Tissot

Table of Contents



Part One - The Coincidences (The Diseases)

Section 1: Figures Taken from Doctors' Writings - 5

Section 2: Observations that have been communicated to me - 19

Section 3: Figure borrowed from the English "Onania" - 22

Section 4: The author's own comments - 26

Section 5: Consequences of Self-Defilement. in the female sex - 45

Part Two - The Causes

Section 1: The Importance of Seed Moisture - 53

Section 2: Investigation into the Shedding of Semen - 63

Section 3: Why masturbation is more dangerous as cohabitation - 78

Third part - the healing

Section 1: Of the Remedies Used by Doctors - 94

Section 2 - The Author's Therapeutic Methods -108

2.1 From the air - 112

2.2 Food and drinks - 116

2.3 Sleep - 133

2.4 The body movements - 136

2.5 Of the evacuations -


2.6 The passions - 141

2.7 Of the Medicines - 143 (Important Chapter!)

Fourth part: Similar diseases

Section 1: The Nocturnal Pollution - 171

Section 2: Simple Flow of Semen (Gonorrhoea Simplex) - 193

Short recap - 206

Conclusion - 207

Summary of aids in spinal cord drainage


The Swiss doctor Samuel (also Simon)

Auguste André David Tissot (1728-1796) (fig

left) wrote that in 1774 book "The masturbation,

or Treatise on the Diseases of

of self-defilement. ”Tissot acted

mainly as Doctor in Lausanne. 1780 to

In 1783 he took over the management of the

Pavia University Hospital. Its 1760

published publication "L’Onanisme" in which he

claimed that masturbation diseases

produce, experienced numerous editions and

After the considerably increased sixth original edition from the

French re-translated (1774). First edition 1758. History of a

metaphysical and scientific aberration.

Preliminary remark on the structure of the bookes: That book has two counts,

each beginning with 1: preface and content 1-16 and parts 1-208. The

Parts and sections are also from Tissot in 140 paragraphs


From the third part, “The Cure,” the following jumped out to me on page 94

Lines catch your eye that say something about the content of the bookreveal it:

There are some diseases in which one can benefit from the beneficial effects of the

Medicine is almost certain. But those do not belong in this class

what the consequences of debauchery in love and even more

from self-defilement (onanism) are exhaustions.

And all that you can get from them when they have risen to a certain extent

are, can predict is terrible. Hippocrates has it

Sick announced death. Mr. Boerhaave (Dutch

Medic, 1668-1738) says, “This is a pathetic disease. I

I've seen it often, but I've never been able to cure it. "

Preface Top

I noticed the shortcomings of the Latin Originas of this little work

already with its preparation. In the preface of this kind

I apologized about it, and showed the reasons for mine

Justification to. I was still more vividly concerned about these defects,

after it was printed and i found it incompatible, as I

a French translation held against it, which I had to look through

had asked.


Besides many comments that I found to be added, I also had to

remedying the considerable errors to order and the sections,

which only contained the first features of what I wanted to say

were almost incapable of making comprehensible, a cheap extension


So many improvements made the work almost new and much longer. The

Difficulty doing this venture in a living language

and all the inconvenience this entails,

did not escape my understanding. Just one motive, one as powerful as

the one i found in the utility of this venture if they

well done (that is, no doubt, better as I did it) for

could be the human race, it was that led me to this

Could bring resolution and it is, in fact, the only one myself

has brought about. It is sad to deal with the vices of one's peers

employ; looking at them offends and humiliates. But it's cute too

to help that one can contribute something to their frequent inspection

diminish and alleviate the suffering that results from it.

But what made this work even more tedious, as when i put them in

the Latin language would have written that is the embarrassment to pictures

express their


Naming and expressions declared indecent through usage

are. It would have cost me infinite denial if I did

I should have withdrawn from this respect owed to the wellbeing

and this attitude, which I can count on as a fame, has given me the

Made work less annoying, as she would have been if i

would not have had that attitude. In the meantime I still have her with me

Difficulty found occupied. But I venture to do so much

assure you that I have not lacked any caution, this one

Work to give all decency in the expressions of which I am able


But there are cliffs that are inseparable from matter. How should you

avoid? Should I keep silent about such important items? No,

certainly not! The books of the scriptures, the Fathers of the Church, almost all of them

wrote in living languages ​​and the spiritual writers

did not believe that they were involved in the crimes of fornication

Silence would have to be ignored because you cannot speak without words

could denote. I believed that I had to follow their example;

and I will dare to say with St. Augustine: "If that,

what I have written annoys any unchaste person, they complain

their own shame and not the words I have used

have to explain my thoughts about procreation. "

I hope one


chaste and discreet reader will tell me the expressions that I use

I was forced to use it, easily to hold good. I want to

what this holy man says, still add this that I am at

virtuous and enlightened people who know how deep the whole

World is in trouble, and know their shameful life, thanks and applause

I hope and that you, even if you do not have my remarks,

but at least my company will be praised.

Neither do I have the moral part as in the first edition

touched. This happened for the reason that Horace (Roman poet,

65-8 BC) it says: Quod medicorum est promittunt medici. (Medical

Achievement is the doctors, craft is the craftsman's profession.

Because I only thought about the diseases caused by the

Self-defilement (onanism), and not from the crime of

To write self-defilement. Isn't that what is punishable anyway

Proven enough of the same, since I prove that it is an act by which

to become a suicide? If you know people, understand

one without effort that it is easier to get through the fear of one

to dissuade inevitable evil from the vice, as by inferences that

based on (good) resolutions, the whole truth of which they do not

is impressed carefully enough. I have on myself


applied what a man whose our century is still at

will boast latest offspring, from a spiritual

Lets friar say: "We are required to be a person,

who does not believe in God, the usefulness of prayer, and another,

who has denied the immortality of the soul in his whole life, the

Want to prove the need to fast. The company is far

looking; and the scoffers are not for us. ”Marforio [1] doubted

All, Sganarell (the servant of don Juan) gave him stick blows, and that one


[1] The Marforio is one of the six so-called "speaking" statues


The unreasonable blasphemers in human society and in that

Rich in science, who do nothing themselves and blame everything that others do

do, will venture to say that this work is much more like the vice

spread, as to inhibit it, and that it is for those who are ignorant of the

Knowing self-defilement, this will teach you to know. You i will

do not answer. You humiliate yourself when you answer them. There are

but weak virtuous souls upon whom such chatter makes an impression

could do. I owe them the following general consideration.

My book is in this respect in the same case as all moral ones

Books. You have to


forbid altogether if it behaves in such a way that a truck is thrown away

whose dangers are shown. Even the scriptures that

Works of the Church Fathers and the writings of those who are spiritual

All of them have to present cases of conscience and have decided earlier as

my book be prohibited. What young person is going to be too

come up with a work about one that impacted the art of medicine

To read matter whose name she does not know? It is only to be hoped that

Individuals who are committed to the education of the youth deal with this

booke make known exactly. It will help you this

Detecting hideous habit early on and putting them into the state

set to take the seizures that they deem necessary

to anticipate their consequences.

Readers who don't understand Latin may complain that in

this booke there are so many Latin verses. I will answer them

that they are all connected with matter; as there is no such thing

is the only one that does not come naturally to me through the chain of concepts

would. In the meantime I have placed them everywhere in such a way that they can be used without the

Interrupting the thread of the lecture can skip over [2]. Those, who

you understand, will know thanks to me for that. A traveler who is in the middle


[2] It would have been nice, dear Samuel, if you had the German

Translation with added. So I'll try this

to do afterwards as long as it is me as Those who do not know Latin succeed. But

there is the internet today.


a dry heather walks, is delighted when he sees a beautiful green. Have

I finally did wrong about it: so the wrong is not great; and in

A work that is so uncomfortable can be said to have this recovery

Author probably allow.

With the one that came out in England booke "Onania" has this work

nothing in common as only the subject and except for two sides that I get from it

have taken, this rhapsody did not help me in the slightest.

Those who read both works will, I hope, be the great ones

Soon notice the difference that is between this and that. But that

just read this, you could be deceived by the titles of the same name and

be tempted to suggest some similarity between the two books.

Fortunately, there is none.

The additions increase this edition almost by the third part and me

wish that they would be inclined to those who are able to judge from it

may be included. I may be accused of two things

make: the one about the fact that I have a large number of

Perceptions and testimonies of others have added that almost further

Nothing as Repetitions of those that are already in the first

Found output; the other because I went too far in some places

about my title


went out and the danger of lust under one

have looked at general points of view. At first reproach

I answer that in a matter like this, where one can hope less

convince with reasons as to be frightened by role models, these are not

can be accumulated too much. To the second I reply: 1. If

two materials are closely related, the more one becomes the

one wants to move aside, the other all the less well dealt with

become. 2. It was dear to me that I did this charitable work

could do.

When I wrote about the smallpox grafting, it was my intention

the most decent kind, the degeneration (the damage) of a murderous one

Control disease, start it up and I had the pleasure of that

I have at least done something good with it. When manufacturing

of this work I have hoped to check the growth of a ruin,

that it may cause far greater fouling as the smallpox and

which is all the more to be feared, because by being in the shadow of the

Mystery continues, only gradually eroding health without

that only once those who thereby perish, its

Suspect malice. It was important to keep this ruin in mind

pose, and I really have multiple causes to believe that I am


I was lucky enough to be useful that the eyes of the youth open up

and that she will learn little by little, along with the evils of it

To see danger. This would be one of the safest ways

the decline in human nature one complains about,

to avert, and you perhaps that strength in some procreations

to give back, which our forefathers had and which we only

historically or from the monuments that we know from it

are left over. To achieve this end, however, is to

I wish that the gentlemen doctors will kindly please on this until now

even too much neglected cause to turn some attention. I

I have seen some of them since the last two editions of this work

(some doctors) who believed that I increased the dangers of it

and who assured me that they would neveras Diseases seen that

this cause would have been brought about. I, on the other hand, can do them

give the assurance on my part that the evil is greater as i it

have described that what I do every day happens very often

got new evidence and that they very often take sick of this species

Have had hands, but without suspecting it, because this cause that

almost left out by most (medical) writers,

did not cross their minds. Now they are punishable

showing the resemblance of their suffering, with those I am in this


Describe works, forcing them to be their cause in themselves

Have to admit, be the first to view such ads and soon everyone will

Doctors can judge whether I was right. I am even compelled

to explain publicly here, as I have already done in several letters,

that I ask, furthermore, no council surveys (no personal

Inquiries) about diseases of this kind to me.

They are so common that if I wanted to answer all of them, they were my whole

Would take time. And since I have no choice among them

want to make which would offend different people, so

I made up my mind not to answer any of them.

This work is a general answer in which everyone who only

A little mind possesses the essential pieces for its condition

necessary instructions will be able to find. And besides, he can

ask his usual doctor for advice, but he will tell him the cause of it

Illness should not be concealed. I can see that one can

prefer to give such a confession to a man to whom one is quite unknown

is. This principle of shame is undoubtedly the cause of why

many young people prefer to write to a doctor whom they never knowas see

become. But that's why I kept myself even more justified,

to take the resolution which I only now made public

have, no further


to answer about this subject *. It is not natural and would

even be unfair that I am now bothered by this kind of sick person

To spare a confession that would be reluctant to give them a time

should sacrifice that I recognize more rightfully to those of others at any time

diseases that are often inheritable and can be inherited

believe to be guilty. The short recap that I ended up with this

Output is attached

* What Mr. Tisot publicly rejects here for all sick people of this kind

I, the publisher, offer myself just as publicly by myself

request (in which I agree to) all those who are from

these and others with such more or less related diseases

of the lusts of love suffer, but these suffer the doctors who are in their place

reluctant to reveal it, but rather by an external doctor who will take it from

Person does not know, like to have advice and help, not to both

arise, even to even greater secrecy, of those diseases

those who desire it, what is necessary for their condition and through

Many years of experience, proven drugs, already completely finished

and either by myself, or under my supervision, on that

most carefully and best prepared is to be sent. [3]

[3] I have to admit, I have some difficulty getting this paragraph too

understand, although I have read it through several times. Apparently he offers

Editor to the interested party, the required medicine (medicament)

to send. If I read this paragraph fasI understood then

please correct me. Personally, however, I am of the opinion that it is

there is no medicine that can replace the loss of semen. Does anyone

himself recognized that the excessive sexuality of his health

harm, then there is only one medicine and that is sexual intercourse

to restrict or, better still, to live celibacy.


especially dedicated to making this a matter of arbitrary

Refusal of special advice on this has become necessary

Diseases, easier to replace.

The Almighty wanted to bless those without on my intentions

which our weak work can do nothing. Paul plants,

Apollo watered, God gave it to flourish.

Lausanne, the first of the wine month (October) 1774

Introduction Top

Our bodies keep losing. We couldn't have these losses

we would soon fall into a deadly weakness. This

Substitution is made by food (food and drink). These

but must receive various preparations in our bodies that

can be understood under the name of nutrition. As soon as this (the

Diet) does not happen at all or badly, so will all of these

Food useless and prevent


not that one does not fall into all the diseases that the

Exhaustion. But among all the causes which the

Being able to prevent diet is perhaps no more meaner as the even to

excessive evacuations.

The construction of our machine (our body) and of all animals in general

Machines, it entails that when the food is those

Degree of preparation should be obtained to replace the departure to the

Body required? will, to a certain extent

more elaborate, and, if you will allow me to use this expression,

naturalized juices must be left over and stocked. If this condition is absent,

so the digestion and billing of food remain imperfect,

and all the more imperfectly, the more processed the lack of it

Moisture and whichever? she is in her way.

A healthy and strong wet nurse who would be killed if you were to give her

would draw off several pounds of blood within twenty-four hours,

can give your child the same amount (that's a few pounds) of milk four-

up to five hundred days in a row without you noticing this

weighted because of all juices the milk is the least processed

and the juice is almost foreign, whereas the blood is an essential one

Juice is. Another such essential juice is the seed moisture,

which have such a strong influence on the forces of the body and on the

Perfection of the digestions that replace those powers has that

Doctors of all time have unanimously held the loss of an ounce

Semen weakens the body more, as the loss of forty ounces of blood.

How much must be due to this moisture, one can see from it

to make a name for itself if one only pays attention to the effects that

bring them forth as soon as they become


begins to separate. The voice, the facial structure and even that

Facial features change. The beard stands out. Often the whole gets

Body a different appearance because the muscles have a thickness and strength

attain through which the adult body and the body

of a still unmanageable young person, noticeably different from one another

distinguish. All these developments are prevented by the

Removal of that tool used to isolate those

Serves moisture, which produces them. Truthful

Perceptions prove that the excision of the testicles is the

The beard falls out and a child's voice returns


After this one can still see the strength of its effect on the whole

Body doubt and one should not be able to assume from this

how many evils the waste of so precious a juice after itself

have to pull Its purpose establishes the only lawful means

to get rid of it. Illnesses cause disease at times

Outflow. He can also, against our will, in voluptuous

To escape dreams. Moses got us in his first book the history of

Leaving Onan's Crimes. Without a doubt so that we get his punishment

should experience. And one reads in Galen that Diogenes is getting through

Defilement of the same vice.

When the dangerous consequences of the all too frequent loss of this

Moisture only depends on the amount or if they are of equal mass

if we consider the matter physically, it would have to be very little

it should be important whether this evacuation is due to one or the other of the

species shown here be done. Alone, here might be the way like


the seed is spilled, just as much in contemplation, as the amount of

Supply that is lost in the process. (Allow me to use this expression; mine

Accusation entitles me to freedoms of this kind.) An overly considerable one

Amount of seed lost in nature's ways plummets in a lot

annoying illnesses, but they are far worse when they are

the same amount was expended by unnatural means. The

Coincidences experienced by those who are in a natural cohabitation

exhaust are terrible. But the coincidences that affect the self-defilement

follow are far more terrible. These last are the real ones

Subject of my work, but the exact connection in which it is with the

standing first prevents me from describing them in particular. I therefore sum up in

in the first part of this work the coincidences of both kinds into one

community figure together. Thereupon the explanation of the

The causes of these coincidences follow in the second part, in which I

special causes which are the consequences of self-defilement

make it more dangerous, continue to disagree. The third part will

show the remedies. Notes on some similar ones

Illnesses will conclude the fourth part of the work. Everywhere will

I take the perceptions of the best writers to my own



Part One - The Coincidences (The Diseases) Top

Section 1: Illustrations taken from the writings of the doctors

§ 1

Hippocrates, the oldest and most precise of the observers, already has those from the

Abuse of lust for love arising diseases among men of the

Consumption of the spinal cord described. This disease, he says, arises

from the mark of the backbone. It attacks young married couples and those who are voluptuous

People. They have no plumage, and although they eat well, they will

but lean and wasted. it seems to them as whether they see ants



Crouch your head down over your entire spine. As often as she stools

go or want to pass the water, they miss a lot

a very fluid semen moisture. They are not suitable for the work of procreation

and in their dreams they often have one with the exact hug

Woman's room to do. The walks, especially on the uncomfortable ones

Because of they become out of breath, render them powerless and cause them

Heaviness in the head and ringing in the ears. Finally a heated fever ends

her days. I shall speak of this kind of fever in another place.

Some doctors have another disease for the same cause

attributed, which Hippocrates describes elsewhere, and with

bears some resemblance to the first mentioned disease. That's what they call them

second spinal cord feeding of Hippocrates. But keeping the

Forces whose Hippocrates are particularly explicit in this disease

commemorates, seems to me to be convincing evidence that this and that

previous illness cannot result from any one cause, it seems

rather to be a kind of limb flow (gout?).

Celsus says these lusts (Aulus Cornelius Celsus, medical writer, 25

B.C. until 50 AD) in his excellent one booke from the preservation of the

Health, harm weak people at any time and their more often

Repetition makes the strong weak.

You can't read anything more terrible as the figure that gives us

Aretaeus (Greek physician, 80-130 AD) on the evils that result from a

too frequent emptying of the semen. The

young people, he says, get the prestige and the dilapidated nature

old people


They become pale, effeminate, sleepy, indolent, cowardly, stupid and sometimes even

silly (stupid). They walk crooked and stooped. Her legs

don't want to wear them anymore. They hate everything. You are to everything

clumsy and many of them are paralyzed. He bets in another place

the lust for love among the number of the six causes of paralysis.

Galenus (Greek doctor and anatomist, 129-216 AD) has the same cause

to diseases of the brain and nerves, as well as to a whole

Seeing exhaustion giving an opportunity and telling it in another place

he that a man from a violent illness is not yet perfect

had recovered the same night that he had his wife's conjugal duty

has done, has died.

The elder Pliny (Roman scholar, AD 23-79) tells us that

Cornelius Gallus (Roman politician and poet, 70-26 BC), former

Magistrate of Rome and Thirus Aetherius, a Roman knight, during the

Have died during cohabitation.

“The stomach becomes disordered,” says Aethius, “the whole body becomes

weak, you get a pale color, you get lean, you

dried up, the eyes collapsed. "

§ 2

These testimonies of the venerable ancients are innovated by a bunch of people

confirmed. Sanctorius (Santorio Santorio, Latinized Sanctorius, Italian

Medic, 1561-1636), who with the greatest care all causes that on


Our body has been examined, noticed that this is the stomach

weakens, spoils digestion, prevents imperceptible exhalation,

the inhibition of which always results in annoying consequences, heat in the

Liver and kidneys that give rise to the stone that gives rise to the formation of the stone

natural warmth diminishes and common, either loss or

but the stupidity? of the face.

Lomm, in his beautiful explanations of the passages I have cited

of Celsus, supports the testimony of this writer by his own

Comments: “The frequent evacuation of the semen make the body

limp, dry up (him), weaken, debilitate and bring a lot

Diseases as Stroke flows (stroke), sleep addiction, the

falling addiction (epilepsy), numbness, loss of face, tremors,

Paralysis, cramps and the painful types of gout. "

It is not without horror that one reads the description that Tolpins gave us

famous mayor and doctor of Amsterdamm, left: “Don't

only the marrow of the spine is emaciated, but it becomes

also the whole body and mind likewise weak and exhausted and

such a person comes to a miserable end. ”Samuel Verspretius

was infested with a river, there at first on the back of the head and

An extremely sharp moisture accumulated on the neck, which afterwards spread over

the spine following the loins, soft sides of the abdomen, hips and

The joints of the thigh pulled down and these wretches so cruel

He suffered pain that he hardly looked like anyone any more

and fell into a creeping fever that consumed him, but


not so fast as he wished. His condition was so miserable that he

more as once brought about death before it appeared to him

To wrest from torture.

“Nothing, says Zypius, a former famous physician to Löwen, weakens you like that

very and shorten life so much, as the frequent eating of semen. "

From this cause Blankard has simple ejaculations and consumption

and dropsy are seen to arise. Muys knew someone

who, still in his prime, of his own free will, at the foot of the fire

he just got his debauchery in love

has ascribed.

In the writings of the Imperial Academy of Natural Scientists, a

Mentioned a person who has lost face in such a way. The

Note deserves to be put here entirely. "The fewest

know, "says the author," what sympathy the testicles have with him

whole body, but especially with the eyes. ”Salmuth has one

spleen addicted (hypochondriac) scholar who is completely mad at im

Head became and another man whose brain was so amazing

was dried out that you could hear it rattling in the skull. Both

came from debauchery in love. I have a husband myself

known for fifty-nine years, the three weeks after, as he one

young woman had married, suddenly became blind and after the course of

died four months.


"The too much distraction of the spirits of life," says Schellhammer,

“Weakens the stomach, takes away the desire to eat and there is none

When food takes place, the movement of the heart diminishes. All

Parts wear out and you even get the falling addiction. ”We know

not whether the spirits and the semen moisture are the same thing

are, but observations have us, as will be seen below,

teaches that these two liquids are very similar to each other

have and that the loss of one or the other diseases


Herr Hofmann was the most annoyed at the waste of semen

Coincidences occur seen: “After many nocturnal involuntary

Defilements (pollutions), not only the forces are lost, the body

gets skinny and the face goes pale, but it also takes that

Memory. A constant chill attacks all limbs and the sharpness

the eyes are lost. The voice grows thicker (it loses hers

male-deep sound). The whole body gradually perishes.

The sleep troubled by heavy dreams refreshes and replaces them

No forces and you have pain that is similar to what you have

feels when one is battered everywhere. "

In a medical opinion for a young person who

by self-defilement among other bad coincidences, one

has drawn utter weakness of the eyes, says this very same one

Hofmann: "I've seen many examples that people


even in the prime of life, that is, when the body is in full strength,

through hand play (onanism) not only one with the most severe pain

blindfolded redness of the eyes, but also such a great weakness of the

Face (of eyesight) that she was not one bookstave

read or write. ”“ I remember too, ”he added,

“Even to have seen two black catfish (blindness) emerging from the

male cause arose. ”One becomes the story of the

Illness itself, which prompted the aforementioned report with pleasure


A young person who is in his fifteenth year of the

Self-defilement and self-defilement until his twenty-third

Year drifted very often, fell into so great a time during this time

Weakness of the head and eyes that these last in time, so

often he missed semen, was attacked with violent convulsions. So often he

wanted to read something, his senses were clouded, as whether he's drunk

would.The eyeball enlarged greatly. He had tremendous

Pain in the eye. His eyelids were very heavy and sticky

(stuck) together all night. His eyes were always full

Water and in the two corners of the same, where he is very much in pain

complained, a lot of whitish matter accumulated. Though him that

Food tasted good, it was skinny as a skeleton and as soon as it was

had eaten, he was drunk.

This very author kept another observation for us,

of which he was an eyewitness, and those, in my opinion, here

also deserves a job. A young person of 18 years who more often

had stopped with a maid, suddenly fainted, taking him

all limbs trembled. The face was red, the pulse was very weak. In the

Time of one hour was brought


him back to himself. But the languor of the whole body gave way

nobodyas. The coincidence came back very often, and with a very large one

Fear of the heart. After eight days, he lost his right arm

paralyzed and swollen and he got a pain in his elbow

got worse with each attack. After the evil a long time

got worse and worse regardless of the fact that you have many antidotes

used, it was finally restored by Hoffmann.

Mr. Borhave portrays these illnesses with those strength and

Accuracy found in all of his descriptions: “the

excessive loss of semen produces fatigue, weakness, indolence of the

Limbs, twitching, leanness, the drying up of the juices, pain in

the membrane of the brain, she makes her senses; and especially the face;

dull, gives rise to emaciation of the spinal cord, to

Insensitivity and to various diseases related to the

be connected to the previous. "

The perceptions that this great man gave his listeners

communicated, as he explained to them these aphorisms, which related to the

referring to various means of evacuations also earn here

to be quoted: “I knew a patient whose illness

started with feeling tired and weak in the whole body,

especially around the loins. He got one on that too

Twitching of tendons and periodic cramps. He was getting leaner and

hung only on skin and bones. He felt


also a pain in the meninges. The patients take care of it

To call pain a dry heat, which inwardly is in the noblest

Sharing burns incessantly. "

I also knew a youth who consumed the spinal cord

would have. He was very well educated. One had him often

warned not to indulge too much in his desires, but he did.

Shortly before his death he became so shapeless that the fleshly exaltation,

over the pointed appendages of the loin (apothyles spinosa lumborum)

can be seen, had completely sagged. The brain itself seems to be at

such cases to be consumed. Such patients really get whole

stupid. They get so stiff that I can't do anythingas such a great awkwardness

of the body from some other cause. Self

the eyes are so dull that it is difficult to see.

In the first edition of his experiments, Herr von Senac mentioned the dangerous ones

Consequences of the self-defilement presented and the victims of this

shameful act of all the infirmities of the most impotent old age

already announced in the prime of the years. One can see in the following

Editions of his work read the causes, why these and other

several places have been suppressed.

When Professor Ludwig describes the bad coincidences that arise

too frequent evacuations usually occur, so he does not forget them either

Discharge of semen: “Young people of both sexes who feel horny

surrender, ruin their health by using the forces

waste that were destined to give their bodies the greatest strength

give. In the end they become emaciated. "


Herr von Gorter takes a long time to cite the saddest coincidences

stem from this cause. But it's too big for me to have him here

to write out. I refer my readers if they understand the language

which he has used on his own work. (De infenfibili perspirat Cap.


The Dr. M. Robinson has been quite emaciated in his work

long and very well-written chapter on spinal cord wasting,

that I can't move in here. The retention of the bowel movements

Sadness, fear, nobodyas to recover which even then

remains, when the recovery is certain, the one that always remains in one place

and sedentary pain in the cavity of the kidney region, the large one