Where does the name honky come from?

PUB FESTIVAL: Where it blooms, sparks and rocks

OLDENBURG Salsa, reggae and house are on Saturday, March 3rd, in the bars of the city. 15 restaurants take part.

By Esther Rothstegge OLDENBURG - After a six-year break, it's that time again: On Saturday, March 3rd, Honky-Tonk will return to Oldenburg.

The musical timetable includes 15 different restaurants and pubs in the city center, from artichokes to ramparts. Honky-tonk visitors can stroll through all the bars with a red ribbon on their wrist. He not only gets to hear jazz, salsa and rock'n'roll, but also house and pop.

Incidentally, the name Honky Tonk goes back to the common name for pubs in the southern states of the USA. Hundreds of such honky tonks were created, especially after the alcohol ban was lifted in early 1933. Typical for this - and often also referred to by the name - were small bands around a singer and guitarist who continued the tradition of the blues.

And this is what it looks like in Oldenburg: From 9 p.m. there is rock, punk and crossover from the "Big Bristol Rovers" in the Strohhalm. At the same time, “Black Jack” (rock, pop) in the Baldinis and “Rhytm56” (rock) in the Mazzo kick off. The “Monkeyman Band” is playing in the Baldini Grand Café at the same time, while “Geronimo, the party rockets” is going on in the Wallwirtschaft.

From 10 pm there will be salsa with “Ritmo Calicante” in the Besitos, music from the good old days in the Franziskaner from “Binder & Friends” and in the Kranich Funk from “Ben Smith & Band”. "Worthy and Band" play funk in the loft, and DJ Mirko plays on the floor below in the loft disco. There is house with live percussion in the Rio Grande, while the “Sim Special” play funky jazz in the Liners. From 10.30 p.m. it starts with “Solid Jazz Trio” in the Artichocke and from 11 p.m. in the patio with “Downbeat” (reggae and ska).

And if you are really in the mood at midnight, you can dance to "The Big 80's" in the Cinemaxx (traffic jam) until 5 am.