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Google competition in the reward center: fake or serious?

For some time now, a strange pop-up has appeared on a number of German websites and news portals. The “Google Reward Center” tells you that you have been selected for a competition and only have to answer three questions - after that you can win a number of great prizes. Is that true or is it a fraud?

You surf the Internet with your iPhone unsuspectingly and really just want to find out about the best new webcams and suddenly this: Suddenly an advertising window pops up and blocks the entire display of the iPhone. Allegedly you have been selected as a loyal user by Google and should receive a reward for years of use.

Google competition: Reward center for loyal users

The notification from the “Google Rewards Center” states that 10 random visitors have been selected and now have the opportunity to receive a giveaway from the online giant. This is the way Google says thank you for being such a loyal user of the search engine.

The prizes are the latest tech gadgets such as iPhones, tablets, game consoles or Android smartphones - the only condition is that you have to answer three simple questions in order to be able to take part in the competition. A timer is also displayed at the bottom to make it clear once again how much time is pressing.

This is behind the Google competition

The questions are a few simple questions about Google: when the company was founded, who the founder is, and so on. In principle, it does not matter whether you answer the questions correctly or incorrectly, as you will be redirected to another website in each case. Here you should then enter your e-mail address in order to register for the possible prize. A look at the imprint of the website reveals who is behind the reward center: Not Google, but toleadoo GmbH, an operator of several competition portals, including the well-known website Planet49.de.

Planet49.de has repeatedly attracted negative attention in the past and has already been targeted by consumer advocates - the company is known for competitions in which users unintentionally take out paid subscriptions because they have not read the fine print. From a legal point of view, it is difficult to take action against such subscription traps, since the providers indicate the costs incurred in the small print. However, this is of course not serious business practice.

In the video we show you the scams used by fraudsters on the Internet:

Block Google competition - here's how

If you see the Google profit repeatedly, you can block the pop-up with an ad blocker in your browser. Not only will the annoying pop-up be deactivated - you will no longer see any ads at all. Therefore, you should use the tool with care, as many websites (including GIGA) finance themselves with advertising.

  • To do this, install an ad blocker such as Adblock Plus.
  • You can get the ad blocker as an add-on for various browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari or even for Android devices.
  • In the settings of the ad blocker you can determine which pages you want to support. The advertising will then continue to be displayed there.

If you're using an iPhone, you can use Safari's built-in pop-up blocker.

  1. Opens the Settings.
  2. Navigates to the menu item safari.
  3. Activate the option here Suppress pop-ups.

You can get the best current smartphones here at top prices even without dubious competitions:

What will happen to the data?

Under no circumstances should you enter your email address in the alleged Google competition, as it will probably be resold afterwards. It is an extremely popular trick used by data collectors to get to the addresses of consumers and generate so-called leads. After cold calling your data, there is a high probability that you will receive unwanted promotional offers and spam emails in your mailbox.

In general, it is advisable to never pass on personal data just like that. It is difficult or mostly impossible to understand what happens to it afterwards - it is also conceivable that the data will end up with criminals who may even get passwords in this way. Experience has shown that you cannot win anything with such offers, they are simply bait offers that tempt you to pass on confidential information.

Do you tape up your cameras?

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