Why can't I unfollow people on Instagram

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Anyone who has been on Instagram for a long time will surely have tapped the “subscribe” button on one or the other profile and followed it. If your own followings are already in the hundreds, then sooner or later the question may arise, how can you unfollow quickly on Instagram and delete all subscriptions at once? Why can I no longer unfollow on Instagram and why was the function blocked on me?

Unfollow many Instagram quickly

In order to quickly unfollow many people on Instagram, you can do this manually via the app or in the browser version on the PC, but it is usually easier and much better to use third-party apps such as "Instagram Cleaners" can be found in both the Google Play Store for Android and the Apple App Store for iOS.

If you want to unfollow quickly on Instagram, you usually have two problems. On the one hand, it is quite time-consuming by hand; on the other hand, you are often temporarily blocked after a certain number of unfollows within a short time (more on this in the next section). To prevent this, you can use apps like Unfollow for Instagram, for example, which make unfollowing several people at once a little easier.

You can't really unfollow many quickly using the official Instagram app. It is also not possible to mark several people and unfollow all of them at the same time at the push of a button. In the current version, the following steps are only possible one at a time.

  1. Start Instagram and open the list of people to whom you have subscribed via your profile.
  2. Next to each subscription you should see a "subscribed" button that you can use to unfollow.
  3. Then confirm the unfollow again and you have unsubscribed from the person.

Instagram unfollow blocked?

Similar to following and liking, Instagram also has a limit for unfollowing. In other words, you can only unfollow a certain number of profiles per hour or day before the "unfollow" function is temporarily blocked. Presumably Instagram wants to put a stop to the spam and like bots and slow down automated tools. The exact limit on when unfollowing will be blocked on Instagram is not known. According to reports, one should unfollow a profile no more than every 15 to 25 seconds and no more than 1,000 unfollows in 24 hours.

Is there an unfollow notification?

If you unfollow someone and delete the subscription, there is no notification. So the person does not immediately notice that they have been unfollowed. But there are different ways with which you can see the followers on Instagram.