When did people start wearing polo shirts?

You often want to wear new clothes right after you buy them. But that should be avoided as much as possible. Why it is like that? These reasons will convince you.

Price tag from and into the newly acquired part: This impulse is known after a successful shopping experience. But clothes should always be washed before they are worn for the first time. We even recommend two washes before the new clothes are used.


Clothing almost always contains chemical substances. These ensure that the garment remains wrinkle-free, that the color looks radiant and that mold growth due to moisture is prevented during transport. These chemicals come in direct contact with the skin when one puts on a newly purchased item of clothing. Not infrequently, the dosage of the chemicals used is extremely high. Tip: The stronger a garment smells when you buy it, the more chemicals were used for it.


Usually you don't think about it: A piece of clothing, for example a T-shirt, goes through many hands before it comes into your own. Starting with the production over the transport up to the sale it comes very often into contact with different people. Not to forget the people who have already tried the part on in the shop. So you should always think about hygiene.


Due to the chemical substances and the multiple skin contact of different people, allergies are not infrequently triggered if a piece of clothing is worn immediately after purchase. These can manifest themselves as reddening of the skin, itching or blockage of the airways. Particular care should be taken with sensitive skin. Particularly with children, great care should be taken to ensure that they wear new clothes only after washing them once or twice. No matter how great the anticipation for the chic new item is.


As already described, the chemicals used can emit a penetrating odor from an item of clothing. But other smells caused by body contact can also get caught in it, which is often only noticed when you are already wearing the newly acquired clothes. An odor test in advance makes sense in any case.


Newly purchased clothes that have not yet been washed often lose a lot of their color. A blue shirt or red blouse that has been bought new will rub off quickly. So if you want white towels or T-shirts to stay white and not turn pink or turquoise, you should remember to wash your new clothes separately.

Tips for treating new clothes

As a first step, new clothes can be soaked in warm soapy water. It can also be seen how much the respective part rubs off. It should then go through at least one machine wash at the specified temperature. This removes chemicals and other contaminants for the sake of hygiene.
Tip: New, colored clothes should not be washed with other, lighter colored clothes, especially during the first wash.