What character doesn't deserve to die?

"Riverdale": Another character will die in season 1

"Riverdale" fans have to be very strong now: At Wondercon, Luke Perry and K.J. Apa confirms that another character will die in season 1. But who could it hit? Cheryl? Polly? The first vague clues came from the two actors themselves.

Who Killed Jason Blossom? Not only the audience of "Riverdale" ask this question, but also the characters of the series. But it looks like the next murder in the US series is already imminent. Jason's death could soon fade into the background if another loss is imminent. At this year's Wondercon, the two actors revealed K.J. Apa and Luke Perry that not all characters would survive Season 1 of Riverdale. At least one more death awaits the audience.

This death is deserved

At Wondercon, a journalist asked the two "Riverdale" actors about their second death. While K.J. Apa avoided giving a correct answer at first, revealed to Luke Perry that the death of the hitherto unknown character came too soon, but that he or she deserved to die. The journalist probed and wanted to know from the two actors whether the second character who would die in season 1 might even end up being Jason's killer. "We can't tell you that," said K.J. Apa. You can see the interview at the end of the post.

The fans suspect that

The question remains: Whom could it hit? Fan forums are sure that Hal Cooper (Lochlyn Munro) won't survive Season 1 "Riverdale". But so far these are just rumors. Maybe the series will manage to surprise us again in the final episodes. Now we are of course curious to hear your opinion: Who do you think who will not survive the first season? Tell us about your theories in the comments section.

VIDEO: Interview with Luke Perry & K.J. Apa