What Are Some Good SEO Link Building Providers

SEO basics: Link building - the right external linking

Link building is still about increasing the visibility of individual websites in search engines - however, other SEO measures have now been established for this purpose (see next section: Link building as a ranking factor). Efforts to get backlinks will be Linkbait (translated: link bait) and assigned to link marketing. The basic goal here is Increase in link popularity or domain popularity of your own websites. The link and domain popularity of a website results from the quantity and quality of its incoming links. Each individual link (link popularity) or each individual website (domain popularity) that refers to the examined website is assessed quantitatively. The quality of the link, on the other hand, is determined by certain measured values ​​of the linking website (such as the TrustRank, the Hilltop algorithm and the like).

For the evaluation of individual links (and also of entire websites) search engines use Web crawler-Programs (also called searchbots, robots or spiders), which scan the websites and assess them based on certain characteristics. The strength of a link is called Link Juice (German: Linksaft) or as Link power designated. To a certain extent, this link strength can be passed on to linked websites. The principle behind this is often compared to a river from which arms of equal size lead away: In a similar way, the link juice flows from a website to all linked websites and distributes the available link strength on the starting page evenly. This also means: the more websites are linked, the less link power each one of them receives.

Since you can use the link juice of other websites for your own page, pages that are supposed to rise in the search engine rankings should be given backlinks as a priority. Ideally, the inbound link will come from a website that search engines consider to be of high quality. In addition, the link building also includes measures that are promising not only with regard to Google and other search engines, but also Immediately increase the number of visitors to a website can. Some users get to the linked website for the first time via a backlink - if the content found there is convincing, it is likely that the user will remember the page or, ideally, visit it again. The chances of new visitors increase as soon as the linked website has a certain level of awareness and / or its thematic orientation has points of contact with the content of the backlink.