A middle name is required for tickets

Passport - family name, first name and degrees


In order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), personal customer contact is currently restricted. If you want to apply for a passport, you should reserve an appointment with the nearest passport authority in good time (online, by telephone or by e-mail).


Even if the passport for some countries can have expired up to five years, the use of a valid passport is strongly recommended.

The entry regulations of some countries stipulate that entry with stolen or lost passports / ID cards is not possible, even if the recovery has been reported.

The application for the issuance of a passport / identity card can be made in Germany - regardless of residence - at any passport authority.

Family name and first name

On the Personal data page of the passport will be the family name and the (the) First name (s) entered in the form and order, how they also in the birth certificate were written.

If there are several first names, the entry is based on the technical conditions, whereby it should be ensured that an identity determination can be carried out as easily as possible. At least the first name must be be entered. The remaining names can be entered; If there is not enough space on the personal data page (page with the photo), the names can be entered as an official note on the following pages. A rearrangement of the first names is not permitted. 

Please note that some countries require that the names in the passport match the data on the ticket or the booking data.

A sharp "s" (ß) is therefore also entered as "ß". In the case of a name that contains a sharp "s" (ß), a note in German, English and French can be made under the official notes in the passport that the sharp "s" (ß) follows the double "s" ( ss) is to be equated. If there is not enough space for all first names, only the first name is entered on the personal data page - all other first names can be given under the official notes.

In the course of the reissue of the passport, the application for the entry of a note (name with a sharp "s" (ß), all first names) is free of charge. At a later point in time, you will need to apply for a change or amendment to the passport, which is subject to a fee.

For the machine readable lines, these are the last two lines below the photo, but different rules apply. International letters defined by the ICAO are used here that do not recognize language-specific characters (e.g. accents in French or umlauts in German, characters such as "ß" or characters that indicate the special pronunciation of a letter). Umlauts such as "ö" are written as "oe".


You should be short of time after the marriage If you want to travel abroad, a new passport must be issued when you change your name. Please inquire with the responsible passport authority in good time before the wedding.

Academic degrees

There is no obligation to enter academic degrees in passports or identity cards.

Academic degrees are entered - at the choice of the applicant - with or without the addition of the field of study (example: "Mag." Or as "Mag. Rer. Soc. Oec.").

For practical reasons, however, we strongly advise against entering academic degrees or titles in the passport or identity card, as the Austrian academic degrees or titles are not known in other countries.

People who use the Master's examination have successfully completed, have been entitled since August 21, 2020 to use the designation "Meisterin" or "Meister" in front of their name in short form ("Mst."; "Mst.in") or in full.

Other trade names may only be entered in the passport if there is a separate legal basis for this. Official, professional and honorary titles are not entered in ordinary passports.

Legal bases

Last updated: February 1, 2021

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