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The Economist: AstraZeneca - Vaccination Dispute - INTERNATIONAL PRESS

28.01.2021 – 10:48

The Economist

Here are three quotes from The Economist about dealing with Covid-19 vaccinations for your international press review:

On Jens Spahn's idea to reduce exports of AstraZeneca's vaccine doses:

“Such an approach would conflict with European proclamations of the importance of free trade and the sharing of vaccine stocks across the rich world. How could the EU deal with the protectionism of India, for example, in a credible manner, if it itself used export controls as the first means in a dispute over vaccines, asked a diplomat. "

"As tempers cooled, the Commission seemed ready to put in place a weaker 'transparency mechanism' that is not used to block deliveries but to track them. But the dispute is far from over, and if the delays persist or If things get worse, the threat of export restrictions could reappear. After all, in a crisis everyone is often left to their own devices. "

On the discussion about the introduction of an international vaccination pass:

“The passes are also likely to create a generation gap. In most countries, the elderly are vaccinated first. Many young people had to severely restrict their lives in the past year, especially to protect the elderly. It could seem particularly unfair if they can drift off to Ibiza this summer while the boys are stuck at home or in quarantine. Those who cannot be vaccinated for health reasons, such as B. immunocompromised people could also feel disadvantaged due to their relative limitations. Finally, if vaccination records are widespread, some may feel compelled to get vaccinated. Thus they could see their freedom of choice impaired. "

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