How can you prove that people are hypocrites?

"A true Christian cannot be a hypocrite and a hypocrite is not a true Christian": with direct, clear words Pope Francis condemned the temptation of the "two faces". He did so at Holy Mass in Santa Marta on Tuesday June 6th, in which he removed the section from the Gospel of Mark (12: 13-17) saw where "some Pharisees and Herodians" try to catch Jesus in the act.

“In the Gospel passage,” noted the Pope, “there is a word that Jesus often uses with reference to the scribes: 'He saw through their hypocrisy': 'Hypocrite' is the word he uses most often, to describe them. "These are" hypocrites because they show something outwardly but think differently ". Alluding to the Greek etymology of the word (ὑπὑκρισις), Francis added that they "speak, judge, but then it is something else".

Nothing could stand further from Jesus: namely, hypocrisy “is not the language of Jesus. Hypocrisy is not the language of Christians. ”That is an absolutely clear fact. But if Jesus tries to shed light on these characteristics, it is good to understand them thoroughly and thus see "how they operate," that is, how the hypocrites behave. Above all, according to the Pope, "the hypocrite is always a flatterer, either cocky or small, but he is a flatterer." For example, they turn to Jesus by saying to him, “Master, we know that you always speak the truth and do not show any consideration for anyone; for you do not look at the person, but really teach the way of God. ”So they use“ that flattery that softens the heart and sweetens life ”. So the hypocrites “always begin with flattery. And then they ask a question. "

The techniques of flattery also include "not telling the truth," "exaggerating," "letting vanity grow." In this context, Francis recalled a priest “whom I knew a long time ago, not here”, “the poor fellow who soaked up all the flattery they uttered toward him, that was his weakness. And the confreres said of him that he had learned the liturgy badly "because he did not understand the true meaning of the word" incense "well and allowed himself to be worshiped.

So "the flattery begins this way, but with an evil intent." This is also well understood by rereading the passage from the Gospel: To put Jesus to the test, "the Pharisees flatter him to make him believe and make a mistake." This is the technique of the hypocrite: "He lets you see that he likes you, he always exaggerates you in order to achieve his goal." Then there is "a second aspect" that needs to be emphasized and is found in it , "What Jesus does". In view of the gesture of the hypocrite who asks a right question with his "two faces", "but with an incorrect intention". They ask: '' Is it permissible to pay taxes to the emperor, or not? Should we pay them or not? ”- and knowing their hypocrisy, Jesus clearly says:“ Why are you setting a trap for me? Bring me a denarius, I want to see it. ”“ So that is the method of Jesus: always “he confronts the hypocrites and ideologues with reality. Reality is such, something completely different is hypocrisy or ideology. "

That is why Jesus says: "Bring me a denarius!" He wants to show "reality" and answer with "wisdom": "So give the emperor what belongs to the emperor." The reality was that the denarius bore the emperor's image . “… And to God what belongs to God.” Finally, according to the Pope, a “third aspect” must be emphasized, which concerns the “language of the hypocrite”, that is: it is “the language of deception, it is the same language as that of the serpent with which she addressed Eve, it is the same. It starts with the flattery: 'No, if you eat it, you will be big, then you will recognize everything' and then destroy. "

For hypocrisy »destroys, hypocrisy kills. It kills people, it even robs a person of personality and soul. It kills the church, "and Francis added," When there are hypocrites in a church, there is a great danger, then there is a very bad danger. "That is why" Jesus told us, 'Your yes be a yes, yours No a no; everything else comes from evil. 'It was clear. "

Clear words that make us understand today "what a great evil" hypocrisy causes in the Church. How much evil cause those Christians "who fall into this sinful attitude that kills". Because “the hypocrite is capable of killing a church. He speaks with all sweetness and condemns a person very badly. The hypocrite is someone who kills. ”In conclusion, the Pope summed up his reflections by recalling that hypocrisy“ begins with flattery, ”which can only be met“ with reality ”, and that hypocrisy“ begins with language of the devil who sows this forked tongue in the churches to destroy them ”.

Therefore “we ask the Lord to protect us so that we do not fall into this vice of hypocrisy, this makeup of our own demeanor, but with bad intentions. The Lord grant us this grace: 'Lord, never let me be a hypocrite, let me understand how to tell the truth and - if I cannot tell it - keep my mouth shut. But never, never a hypocrisy.