How does Phoenix compare to Rails

Phoenix Framework

Phoenix Framework is a framework programmed with the functional programming language Elixir for the creation of scalable web applications. Phoenix is ​​fast. On average about 10 times faster than Ruby on Rails. Since Phoenix supports hot deployments, zero downtime deployment is not a problem.

Compared to Rails, Phoenix is ​​new, technically super interesting and very promising. It is extremely stable and extremely fast. However, the community and the associated visibility is still very small. It is still very difficult to find good Phoenix developers in Germany. See also Phoenix is ​​better but Rails is more popular.

For existing projects, I will help you with extensions, improvements (performance, scaling, refactoring and know-how transfer) and with the move from Rails to Phoenix. I will help you bootstrapping on new projects. The start on the green field is of course the optimal starting point for high-performance web applications. I am happy to help you with the planning, structuring and implementation. With WebPerformance and HA know-how, I make sure that your website is delivered quickly and trouble-free.

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