How did Python programming help you

Python is one of the most important languages ​​in the digital world

Our Python online course teaches you the most important basics of object-oriented programming as well as the fundamental components of the Python syntax. The Python programming language is currently one of the most important languages ​​in the digital world, which is used, for example, for web applications and apps. With our Python course you will get to know the potential of the language in other areas of application, for example:

With Python you will learn the object-oriented paradigm with us. But also for structural and functional programming, Python offers you solutions, approaches and methods that fit problems in business and industry, as well as current scientific topics.

Areas of application of Python

Learning to program Python is worthwhile for a large number of modern areas of life that create systematic access to programming, its application and everyday use. Areas of application range from industry and smart homes to smart cars or the young discipline of e-health.

As one of the most important high-level programming languages, Python has potential in application and game programming as well as the programming of databases. It also functions as a basic programming language, the glue language, as it were, of the data science world. They can also be found in web development and in the automation of smaller processes. Last but not least, Python has been experiencing a hype for a long time, because mathematical and statistical problems can be solved relatively easily with this programming language. This means that the transition to artificial intelligence algorithms is not far away.
There are now a large number of libraries for Python from almost all areas of business, industry and medicine. This allows you to concentrate on the actual problem and the implementation of an algorithm is then no longer difficult with Python.
As an online course provider, we offer you the opportunity to combine these skills with modules such as neural networks / deep learning and machine learning as well as big data and big data management.

Target group and requirements

Our Python course is aimed at people with a degree in natural sciences, economics, humanities or social sciences as well as computer science. Initial experience in dealing with an object-oriented programming language such as C #, C ++ or Python itself is an advantage.

Project work

Learning the Python programming language goes hand in hand with practice-oriented project work, in which we provide you with competent support. As part of the project work, you will demonstrate the skills you have acquired. You can freely choose the topic of the project work, for example to convince future employers with specialist knowledge and a direct reference to the topic.

Python: your career prospects

Python developers currently enjoy excellent career prospects. The language is already used worldwide and has been growing steadily for years. Many experts in programming and development predict that Python will be the world's most important programming language in a few years. Learning Python online in a course is a real investment in your professional future.

In the area of ​​data science, Python is currently the most popular programming language worldwide, according to an evaluation by the IEEE. The job profiles range from software developer or engineer to research analyst or data analyst to data scientist. And Python has even arrived at universities and research institutions: More and more courses / events require or use Python.

Learn Python - methodology and instructors

You learn Python online with us in the virtual classroom. Here you can ask your questions about Python online, exchange ideas with the lecturer and other course participants and actively help shape the lessons. To learn Python effectively, we only rely on experienced and qualified instructors who have extensive practical experience. Our Python online course takes place daily.


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Course dates & content


180 teaching units, 4 weeks
As an approved carrier according to AZAV, all our offers are also certified according to AZAV. This means that your participation can be promoted by the employment agency, the job center or the German pension insurance with an education voucher.
Written exam, practical project work

Learn Python

The Python programming language is enjoying increasing popularity. According to theTiobe index the Python programming language has climbed to second place. Incidentally, Python is also assessed in a similar way in thePYPL index (PopularitY of Programming Language Index), another programming language ranking. Here Python is at the top of the podium with almost twice as high a share as Java in second place.

It's no secret, developers love Python!
"The cool thing about Python is that the language already has so much inherent in it."

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