Is Baidu as good as Google

Baidu SEO: These are the most important ranking factors

China controls digital content very strictly. This is why German websites are only accessible to a limited extent there - and often not even indexed in Chinese search engines such as Baidu. Nevertheless, we will show you which ranking factors are important for your Baidu SEO.

In China, the Ministry of State Security has launched the Great Firewall project to monitor and censor Internet traffic.

As a matter of principle, content is strictly controlled - and this naturally also applies to foreign websites. They are often only accessible to a limited extent and either rank poorly in Chinese search engines or are not even indexed.

The largest search engine in China is Baidu with a market share of over 75 percent. It is most interesting for foreign website operators to do digital marketing in the Middle Kingdom.

Baidu SEO: These are the most important ranking factors

Searchmetrics, provider of a search and content marketing platform, has therefore published a study on the most important ranking factors for Baidu SEO.

Matt Colebourne, CEO of Searchmetrics, says, "Depending on which study you read, China has either already overtaken the US as the world's largest e-commerce market or will in the next year or two."

The most important results of the study include first and foremost that links to social networks such as Facebook and Twitter or to YouTube and Google do not deteriorate the ranking. On the contrary: According to the study, such links even have a slightly positive effect on the ranking.

This is of course very important for website operators. After all, social media channels are additional platforms on which you can distribute product information and get in touch with customers.

In order for their own site to rank well, according to Searchmetrics, site operators should ensure that the linked sites also rank well. And those who link to Chinese social media platforms such as Wechat and QQ also receive a larger placement bonus.

Baidu SEO: Use Short and Simple Keywords

Keywords also play an important role in Baidu SEO. According to the study, we should use short and simple keywords that have no more than 45.6 characters. However, this does not apply to the meta description: it should not have any influence on the Baidu SEO.

The search engine also rewards short Internet addresses with a good ranking. The page content itself should be long, however.

Searchmetrics has found that an average length of around 3,200 characters leads to the best ranking. The number of characters corresponds to around 680 English words.

The domain makes no difference

The study also dispels a widespread rumor. Baidu does not favor Chinese top-level domains. More than 75 percent of the websites that ranked in the top positions in the search engine are .com domains.

Chinese top-level domains such as .cn, or mark only 9.36 percent of all top 10 rankings.

Exact match keywords are not important

So-called exact match keywords - keywords that also appear on the website - do not play a significant role for Baidu. That means: site operators are allowed to neglect some central Google ranking factors for the Chinese search engine.

Marcus Pentzek, Chief SEO Consultant at Searchmetrics, explains: “Chinese keywords often consist of a number of different characters. One and the same character can have several meanings, depending on the position of the character. "

Baidu records this and can classify a page as relevant, even if other relevant characters or combinations of characters are used in the search query.

Who should focus on Baidu and how?

If you want to market yourself digitally in China, you should definitely rely on Baidu and pay attention to a good ranking. Because if you like, you can compare Baidu with Google.

Most people in China use the search engine. Accordingly, a good Baidu ranking also reaches the most users and potential customers.

Site operators can also adopt some points from their SEO strategy for Google - above all links to other websites.

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Even so, it is important to develop your own plan for Baidu. A Google criterion like Exact Match Keywords is not important for the Chinese search engine.

If you apply your Google strategy one to one to Baidu, you will be less successful. Site operators who really want to expand to China should therefore also take their time for search engine optimization.

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