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The singer Adele : I'm devastated ": Adele cancels world tour

The singer Adele canceled her world tour shortly before the end due to problems with her vocal cords. "I'm sorry, I'm devastated," said the 29-year-old on her website on Saturday. "To say it breaks my heart would be a complete understatement," said the British pop star, who celebrated success with albums like "Hello" and "25".

"It felt like I had to clear my throat all the time," said Adele. A doctor advised her to take care of her vocal cords and to skip the concerts. Most of the fans reacted understandingly. After a call on social networks (#SingforAdele), many of them met on Saturday evening in London to sing for the musician. "Adele can not sing for us, but we can sing for Adele," it said.

Adele had already had problems with her voice in the past few years and had therefore had an operation. The concert cancellations fueled rumors that the 29-year-old could end her career. Your management did not comment on this on Sunday upon request. After her appearance last Wednesday, she is said to have hinted at a possible withdrawal in a handwritten note.

Instead of four, only two concerts at Wembley

It is difficult for her to cancel her world tour after 121 shows with only two upcoming performances at London's Wembley Stadium, according to the musician's website. "Failing to complete this milestone in my career is something I have difficulty coping with."
Instead of four, she was only able to give two concerts at Wembley in front of 98,000 fans each. “They were the biggest and best shows of my life,” Adele emphasized. She even considered singing playback at the last concerts in an emergency. “But I've never done that and I can't do that to you in a million years.” Since March 2016, her world tour has taken the Grammy winner to various European countries, America and Oceania. Adele also received excellent reviews for the Wembley concerts.

She had also recently impressed many British people on a human level: After the catastrophic high-rise fire in London, Adele surprisingly visited victims and the fire department. She comforted those affected, hugged them and provided the firefighters in Chelsea with cake. (dpa)

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