Has Rhaegar Targaryen ever seen dragon eggs

Why are there no other dragons in ASOIAF?

Faulty premise

In order to hatch a dragon in A Song of Ice and Fire, the eggs must be heated to an incredible heat

Who said that? There are no dragon incubators on Planetos.

Hatching a kite is not that easy.

The blood magic

All of the achievements of the Dragon Lords were due to blood magic. Possibly they used blood magic to hatch dragons from wyverns and certainly blood magic to bind dragons to themselves.

In Septon Barth's Dragons, Wyrms, and Wyverns, he speculated that the blood mages of Valyria used wyvern stocks to make dragons . Although the Blood Mages allegedly experimented mightily with their unnatural arts, this claim is considered far-fetched by most maesters, including Maester Vanyon's Against the Unnatural which contains certain evidence that dragons existed in Westeros as far back as the earliest days before Valyria rose, to be a power.
TWOIAF - Beyond the Free Cities: Sothoryos


"What feeds a dragon's fire?" Marwyn sat on a stool. " All Valyrian sorcery was rooted in blood or fire . The wizards of the Freehold were able to use one of these Glass candles see over mountains, seas and deserts. They could enter into a man's dreams and give him visions and talk to each other for half an hour world apart, sitting in front of their candles. Do you think this might be useful, Slayer? "
AFFC - Samwell V.

How did Daenerys do it?

The type of blood magic shown there is simple: you sacrifice something and get something in return.

"You will have gold, horses, whatever you want."

"It's not about gold or horses. It's blood magic, lady. Only death can pay for life. "
AGOT - Daenerys VIII

The eggs Daenerys had were very old. They had turned into stones when they came into their possession. The fate of other dragon eggs would be similar, as the last dragon alive centuries ago under King Aegon III. Has died.

Even Illyrio, who gave her the eggs, had no idea that they would hatch.

"I know he gave me my dragon eggs."

He snorted. " If he'd known they'd love to hatch, he would have put himself on top of them. "

That made her smile in spite of herself. "Oh, I have no doubt about that, Ser. I know Illyrio better than you think. I was a kid when I left his villa in Pentos to marry my Sun and Stars, but I was neither deaf nor blind. And me I'm not a child now. "
ACOK - Daenerys III

However, Daenerys found a way. She found out the nature of Mirri Maz Duur's magic and improvised skillfully.

She made sacrifices of:

  1. Khal Drogo
  2. A horse. 1
  3. Mirri Maz Duur himself

"You won't hear me scream," Mirri replied as the oil dripped from her hair and soaked her clothes.

“I will,” said Dany, “but it's not your screams that I want, it's just your life. I remember what you told me Only death can pay for life. "Mirri Maz Duur opened her mouth but made no answer. As she stepped back, Dany saw that the contempt had disappeared from the maegi's flat black eyes. In his place there was something that could have been fear. Then there was nothing else to do than watching the sun and looking for the first star.
AGOT - Daenerys X.

For the Coup de Grace, she herself went to the stake. As a result, the stone eggs came back to life and dragons were hatched.

This was a once in a lifetime magical event. Only once did it ever succeed. GRRM cleaned it up.

George_RR_Martin : Grandma, thank you for that you the asked has . It gives me the opportunity to clear up a common misunderstanding. TARGARYEN ARE NOT IMMUNE TO FIRE! The birth of Dany's dragon was unique, magical, wonderful, a miracle. She is called The Unburnt because she stepped into the flames and lived. But her brother wasn't fucking immune to that molten gold.

Not to mention that Daenerys could actually be someone very special. As Maester Aemon believed:

What fools we were, who thought we were so wise! The mistake crept in from the translation. Dragons are neither male nor female 'Barth saw the truth of it, but now one and now the other, as changeable as a flame. Language has misled us all for a thousand years. Daenerys isthe one born in the midst of salt and smoke.The dragons prove it.
AFFC - Samwell IV

Historical attempts

That is not to say that there have been no attempts to recapture dragons from stone eggs before. King Aegon III Asked magicians and other scholars from Essos to hatch dragons from his egg store. It went wrong. Prince Aerion drank wildfire, thinking it would turn him into a dragon. It went wrong. King Aegon V attempted to hatch dragons in wildfire, but failed, and the House of Targaryen was wiped out except for a lone branch by Jaehaerys II Targaryen.

The look Stannis gave her was dark. "Nine magicians crossed the sea to hatch the egg store of Aegon the Third. Baelor the Blessed prayed for his for six months. Aegon the Fourth built dragons out of wood and iron. Aerion Brightflame drank wildfire to transform. The magicians failed, King Baelor's prayers went unanswered, the wooden dragons burned and Prince Aerion died screaming. "
ASOS - Davos V.

And also:

There were dragons here two hundred years ago, Sam thought as he watched the cage slowly descend. They would have just flown to the top of the wall. Queen Alysanne had visited Castle Black with her dragon, and Jaehaerys, her king, had followed her alone. Could Silverwing have left an egg? Or had Stannis found an egg on Dragonstone? Even if he has an egg, how can he hope to speed it up? Baelor the Blessed had prayed for his eggs, and other Targaryens had tried to hatch theirs with magic. All they got for it was farce and tragedy.
AFFC - Samwell I.

And also:

What became of the dream of dragons was a grave tragedy born in a moment of joy. In the fateful year of AD 259, the king summoned many of his loved ones to Summerhall, his favorite castle, to celebrate the impending birth of his first great-grandchild, a boy named Rhaegar, to his grandson Aerys and granddaughter Rhaella. the children of Prince Jaehaerys.

It is unfortunate that the Summerhall tragedy left very few witnesses alive and those who survived did not speak about it. A tantalizing page of Gyldayn's story - certainly one of the very last written before his own death - suggests a lot, but the ink spilled on it in one mishap erased too much.

... the dragon's blood collected in a ... ... seven eggs to honor the seven gods, although the king's own septon had warned ... ... pyromancers ... ... wild fire ... ... ... the flames got out of hand ... towering ... burned so hot that ... ... died, but for the bravery of the Lord Comman ...
TWOIAF - The Targaryen Kings: Aegon V.


There is no evidence that other people who own dragon eggs have ever tried to hatch them. They would have thought it pointless since eggs were dead stones. They were used as a valuable asset, not as livestock. So in conclusion:

  1. Blood magic is required to hatch dragons.
  2. Existing eggs in the current timeline are essentially rocks.
  3. Daenerys' feat was a one-time magical event, a miracle.

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1. It is possible that it Rhaego's soul in Drogo (so Drogo would count as two) or Daenerys herself (although she never died).The third victim is currently not confirmed.


Is the third victim really a horse? I've always assumed that it was her unborn child that she "lost".


@Vahx The child has already been "paid" as a price for Drogo's life. So it's either the horse or Dany's belief. I would go on horseback as Dany neither sacrificed nor intended