Where can I find the Bermuda Triangle

Some believe in the curse that is over him Bermuda Triangle lies and does not doubt the mysterious disappearance of planes and ships. Inexplicable things are up there. Others think it was all made up and misinterpreted.

I think we will accept both today and just take a look at this exciting story: Whether you prefer to believe in aliens or the Gulf Stream is up to you.
Google Maps will definitely find the Bermuda Triangle.

Bermuda Triangle - what's going on here?

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The myth

The Bermuda Triangle will be that too "Devil's Triangle" called and already Christoph Columbus told in 1492 of a crazy compass and strange lights above the surface of the sea. This sea area of ​​the western Atlantic is bounded by the corner points Miami, Puerto Rico and Bermuda. Strange things have been going on in this area for as long as people can remember. All of these stories gave birth to the myth of the Bermuda Triangle. Ghost ships are said to float around there without a soul, giant waves swallow entire ships and planes lose control. The stories and their narrators seem endless.

Ships swallowed by the sea

USS Cyclops
With 11,000 tons of cargo, this coal ship is not easy to lose. Nevertheless, it disappeared without a trace on March 4, 1918 after leaving Barbados. The crew of 306 and their ship were never seen again on the journey in the Bermuda Triangle. Likewise the wreck. So far, this is the greatest loss at sea in history, in which acts of war are not a factor.

Marine Sulfur Queen
This tanker disappeared in 1963 with its crew of 39 men. No radio contact was possible while driving, so the exact position could not be determined. After the freighter did not arrive as planned, a search party was sent out, which for six days could not find anything of the missing Marine Sulfur Queen. Only after three weeks did a fog horn, life jackets and other small parts appear. But the ship was gone.

Planes disappeared in the sky

Flight 19
Probably the best-known story of the Bermuda Triangle is the disappearance of Flight 19. This incident occurred in 1945 and is best documented so far, which is why many conspiracy theories refer to it. On December 5th, five US Navy pilots - known by the name - took off Flight 19. Suddenly there were problems on this training flight - the compass no longer worked and the five pilots got off their route.

I don't know where we are We must have gotten lost at the last turning point.

In their radio messages, the pilots stated that they had lost their way. When radio contact broke off completely after a while, a search plane, the BuNo, was sent. 59225 - but here too the contact was broken and the plane disappeared. A tanker reported an explosion in the area, but wreckage from the missing aircraft was never found.

Douglas DC-3
Another unexplained disappearance occurred three years later. On December 28, 1948, the Douglas DC-3 took off from Puerto Rico for Miami. The 32 occupants of the machine never arrived there. Although there was continuous radio contact, the aircraft remained as if swallowed by the ground. Even after a six day search in the marine area around the Gulf of Mexico nothing could be found.

Tried explanations

The reason in heaven
Because the Bermuda Triangle area is frequently hit by hurricanes and is known for its rapid weather changes, sudden storms could be responsible for the disappearance. However, only a few radio messages indicate bad weather, so this is only a vague assumption.

The bottom under water
On the west coast of the Bahamas is the underwater Bimini Road, an 800 meter long limestone structure made of large stone blocks. Some claim that these are remnants of the sunken city of Atlantis, while others describe the stones as a natural phenomenon. To this day it has not really been clarified whether this “street under water” was not created by human hands and is up to mischief in the Bermuda Triangle.

Also Giant waveswhich officially exist could be a cause of missing ships. However, it has not been proven that this area often has these types of waves and the disappearance of the aircraft would not be clarified.

One of the most logical explanations for the disappearance of all the wreckage is the strong one Gulf Streamflowing through the Bermuda Triangle. This could tear everything with it and let parts continue to drift away. Also in the area is the Puerto Rico trench - the deepest point in the Atlantic. Wrecks that sink here could disappear forever in the depths of the sea.

One often cited cause is the big one Methane gas deposits under the surface of the water in the Bermuda Triangle. Methane hydrates are said to form at a depth of up to 2000 meters. If these escape suddenly and in large quantities, the gas rises to the surface of the water. This can reduce the surface tension of the water - the ship then no longer has any buoyancy and sinks.

And in the end there are of course the good old ones Aliens. Many conspiracy theories are based on the fact that UFOs and other strange flying objects, which are responsible for the disappearance, have been sighted frequently in this area.

There are many stories and as many theories, but that is exactly what keeps the myth alive. Sailors and their stories, strange radio messages and a compass that never stops make the Bermuda Triangle one of the most legendary places and let us know once again that our world is big enough to make things the size of a cargo ship disappear.