Is manna real?

For sparkling children's eyes at Christmas: This is how the resurrection plant works.

The real rose of Jericho is a classic at Christmas and enchants children as well as adults. At first glance, the plant looks like a long-dried tangle of gray-brown twigs. If it comes into contact with water, it develops into a beautiful desert rose.

The Myth of the Real Rose of Jericho

The plant was already mentioned in the Bible. According to legend, Mary blessed them on the flight from Nazareth to Egypt. It is also often associated with the resurrection of Christ. It is also called the resurrection plant. Some even attribute supernatural powers to it.

The difference between the real and the fake rose of Jericho

The Latin name of the Real Rose of Jericho is Anastatica hierochuntica. It is offered in stores around Christmas time. It is actually not a real houseplant, just a seed stand. The plant is originally from the desert areas of Israel, Jordan and Morocco. The spherical, dry seed stand is carried by the wind over long distances. If it comes into contact with water, it opens and releases the seeds, which then germinate.

The Anastatica hierochuntica is often confused with the Loggerhead Rose of Jericho (Latin Selaginella lepidophylla). This is a moss fern that occurs in Israel and Jordan, but also in Mexico and in the southwest of the USA. It can also be unfolded anew as often as you like.

This is how the rose of Jericho works

Resurrecting a rose of Jericho is very simple:

  1. Fill the bowl with water.
  2. Put in the seed ball.
  3. Watch and be amazed.

Resuscitation works by causing the cells to absorb and swell the water. This opens the rosette.

tip: With hot water the plant opens within a few minutes. If the water is cold, the process takes several hours.

As soon as the branches are no longer in contact with the water, they will contract again. You can use a Real Rose of Jericho over and over again. Leave them in the water for a maximum of 7 days. Then let them dry completely in a warm place for about 2 weeks and store them in a dry place until the next Christmas. So you can let the rose of Jericho bloom again as often as you like.

Does the Rose of Jericho Die?

The plant itself only lives for a year. After it has developed pods and seeds, it dies. The leaves curl up and protect the seeds inside from the desert sun. When it rains, the ball unfolds and releases the seeds so they can germinate. In principle, resuscitation is just a physical process of reproduction. The mother plant is and remains dead.

To try: Propagate a rose from Jericho yourself

A few seeds pop out each time the rosette is opened. Try to make your own rose from Jericho out of it:

  1. Fill a pot with some cactus soil.
  2. Put seeds in it.
  3. Water 1x.
  4. Wait and see what happens!

With a little luck, a real plant of the real roses of Jericho will soon germinate.