What is a time management app

Time management apps - 7 apps that will help you make better use of your time!

Do you know that, too? You get up in the morning, get ready to go out and run to university, because there is no time for such an unheard of luxury like breakfast. After the lecture, after a short stop in the falafel stand of your choice, you can go on to your part-time job, and at night you can still do your housework until two in the morning. Pretty exhausting, isn't it? The right time planning should be better somehow. The magic word here is (drum roll): time management apps!

Planning apps provide a clear perspective

You read that right: time management is the art of getting the most out of the time you have. Ideally, you are not only particularly productive, you also don't constantly have the feeling of being under pressure and drowning in a bunch of unsolvable and time-consuming tasks. With the right time management app, fighting the clock becomes child's play - and even fun! We looked at the best planning apps and show you which ones are really good. Here we go!

Time management apps - which are the best?

A look at the app store will show you that there are tons of time management apps available on the market. At its core, of course, it's all about structuring your time and making it best for you to use. Nevertheless, there are certain apps that can bring real advantages, especially for students, as they have some interesting additional functions:

  1. Chaos Control

As you can easily see, the name says it all. The app is based on the “Getting Things Done” method from entrepreneur David Allen. Aside from helping you organize your lectures, appointments and deadlines, Chaos Control is perfect for anyone who wants to achieve high goals. You enter which goal you would like to have achieved at a certain point in time and - very importantly - which steps are necessary for this.

  1. Evernote

You may have heard of Evernote before. The app can be used via all common mobile platforms and has a plug-in through which Evernote can be connected to other programs. This is definitely very convenient. The advantages of the app? You can create notes, for example share them online with your study group and save everything that you want to look at again later. You can see Evernote as your online notebook and, if you want, convert the notes you created in the app directly into a presentation.


  1. Trello

The Trello planning app is also becoming increasingly popular among students - because it allows you to structure and organize important content online. It is particularly practical that you can record comments for others and also set tasks or notes. The clear task app is therefore ideal for virtual learning groups.

Time management apps also improve your focus!

  1. Checky

Do you know that, too? You should actually brood over your tasks, but instead you keep checking your smartphone so you don't miss what your friends are doing? Caught! If you want to improve your smartphone behavior and save important time, the Checky app is ideal. It shows you exactly how long you were distracted and invites you to at least rethink your smartphone consumption ...

  1. Tomato timer

The so-called Pomodoro technique is a great way to use the time you have as productively as possible. Blocks of time are divided into “Pomodori”, a segment of 25 minutes. In this you focus 100 percent and turn off all distractions (really all, no tricks!). After 25 minutes, take a five-minute break and then continue working. To make this very effective technique easy for you, there is the Tomato Timer App. You simply set a Pomodoro block, work, you will be alerted when the block is over and then book your break.

  1. Wunderlist

Instead of writing your to-do list on a simple piece of paper, you should give Wunderlist a try. Here you can set deadlines and organize your lists in a simple way. Of course, you can also transfer the lists to all other devices, so you can work with others and of course also print out the lists. The app is perfect for creating a learning plan.

  1. Rescue Time App

The Rescue Time app is also ideal for those who spend too much time with Snapchat, Whatsapp and Co. The application runs unobtrusively in the background and can be used on both your computer and your smartphone.

During the day, it tracks exactly how much time you have used on which pages and apps, and shows you why you weren't just "five minutes" on YouTube when you were supposed to be reading your paper. The application shows you your good, but also less good habits at work and on the Internet in general very clearly. Big Rescue App is watching you, my friend! But don't worry - she only wants good for you.

Conclusion: manage your time - before it manages you!

The optimal time management is one of the most important factors if you want to be successful in your studies. It can be quite helpful to optimize time management. Fortunately, there are great apps that bring order to your chaos, so that you can devote yourself to the really important tasks without being completely overwhelmed and feeling like you are on the hamster wheel.