Why am i cold

I am always cold! 11 reasons why you are constantly freezing

I am always cold! Are you also those chilblains who are constantly freezing? These are the causes of goosebumps and tremors.

It is there - it caught us with full force: The cold season. While others are happy about the colorful foliage, the refreshing air and woolen sweaters, you only know one thing: I am always cold!

Even with the idea of ​​winter you get really big frostbite.

The others walk through the streets in skirts, thin sweaters or T-shirts. And are you already digging your down jacket out of the box?

20 degrees room temperature and you are sitting in the living room with a wool sweater, two pairs of socks and a tea.

A blanket, long trousers and, ideally, cozy gloves should not be missing. Do you shudder when you look outside and mourn the summer? Or is it even summer and you're still freezing?

Whoever gives you their hand flinches and immediately starts to tremble? It's really annoying and exhausting. But you are not alone with it!

With these 23 ultimate tips, you'll never be cold in winter again!

I am always cold! These are the causes of constant chills

1. Women think differently

Yes, unfortunately that's the way it is. We women feel cold more often and much faster than men. But that has nothing to do with the fact that we are sorry.

The female body is simply constructed differently than the male. When you tell your friend: "I am always cold" and he with “Don't act like that”, you now have one fitting answer ready.

Women have thinner skin than men. In addition, we usually have fewer muscles. If you are muscular, you always have your little heat factory with you.

Many women also have an "unfavorable" ratio of body surface area to volume. Our inner heat is conducted to the outside faster through the skin.

Wow! With these 11 natural remedies, your feet will finally get warm!

Traditional Chinese Medicine says that women often feel cold because the yin and yang are out of balance.

Since women can get pregnant, the warm blood is drained away from the hands and feet and collected inside the body.

The internal organs are better supplied and the unborn child can be warmed better in the womb. Whether we are pregnant or not, our body doesn’t care.

A fluffy blanket can help at least at home.

2. You have an acute iron deficiency

Yes, iron deficiency can also answer your question about constant freezing. Constant tiredness and exhaustion come with too little iron.

Because of our days, we women have a higher iron requirement than men. Anyone who suffers from cold feet and hands especially this week should urgently do an iron check.

Too little iron ensures that the blood cannot be transported properly. First, you'll notice it on your toes and fingers. And later you will be shivering all over your body. By the way, every third woman suffers from a low iron level!

You don't need to see a doctor for an iron test. You can do it at home too. There are now a number of self-tests.

The iron self-test from Cerascreen helps you to measure the concentration in the blood. To do this, you take a few drops of blood from your fingertip. Use the enclosed envelope to send the sample to a laboratory where it will be evaluated.

You can read the result on the Cerascreen website within 2 days. In addition, you get a list of foods that contain a lot of iron and helpful tips for your everyday life.

From a total of 6 iron supplements, you then choose the one that best suits your needs. The capsules are included in the price.

Find out about the Cerascreen iron self-test here!

3. You move far too little!

The other day a friend said: “Brrrr I'm always cold”. When asked when she last exercised, she had no answer.

When the outside temperature drops, our body has to constantly regulate the temperature. Because we have the same core temperature in both summer and winter.

The body focuses on important internal organs.

Hands and feet are neglected. In order for legs and arms to stay warm, they need better blood circulation. This works best with exercise!

Do you always have cold feet? That may be + quick help!

Those who exercise regularly stimulate the metabolism and circulation. Cold doesn't stand a chance. The body takes in more oxygen, the heartbeat increases, and the blood circulates faster.

Anyone who suffers from freezing cold feet in winter should go for a quick lap. Your toes will start glowing in no time.

Sedentary lifestyle is so dangerous for our body!

Just do a little workout every day. If you don't have the time, just do the jumping jack fitness exercise for a minute.

You will see that immediately afterwards you feel much warmer.

4. You drink too little!

And far too little. Our body needs a lot of water to function properly.

In winter, it is best to drink lukewarm tap water, hot herbal tea, or a tea that heats up - like ginger tea.

However, since it is still not that easy to get the right amount, you can prepare a vegetable broth. You don't have to use ready-made soup seasoning, but make instant vegetable soup yourself.

Do you already know these 15 tricks to make you drink more?

5. You are always cold because you smoke

No, we are not swinging the health club now. But ... smoking is really unhealthy! If you smoke, be sure to reduce the amount of cigarettes you use.

The many toxic substances in cigarettes mean that your body is poorly supplied with blood.

6. You have no muscles

Yes, that's where we ended up with sports again. Try to build some muscle.

Because mukis give off warmth - even when we are seated. They keep us comfortably warm and are the body's own heat producers.

Better than the gym: building muscle without equipment

If you have to go fast, an EMS training device can help. With slight vibrations, it promotes muscle growth. A positive side effect: the pounds drop almost by themselves.

7. You sleep far too little

When the alarm goes off, would you like to stay in bed and sleep for another half an hour? You should do that too. At least if work allows it :)

Because too little sleep can slow down the circulation and metabolism. Well, then: off to the feathers!

This happens to your body if you don't get enough sleep!

8. The body shows you that it is on alert

Goosebumps, chattering teeth, tremors and shivering - the body tries to produce a little warmth. Usually it doesn't work.

Especially not if you are not “normally” cold, but suffer from an illness. Have you ever thought of an illness after saying “I'm always cold”?

You may have an underactive thyroid, have diabetes, or are undergoing a hormonal change (e.g. stopping the pill or becoming pregnant).

That's why you always have cold hands!

9. You like to eat cooling foods

Mmmmhh a fresh yogurt with pineapple, mango or melon, sounds really tempting, doesn't it? Unfortunately, these tropical fruits are among the cooling foods. Just like lettuce, cucumber and Co.

They help our body to cool down from the inside out. Many women like to eat yoghurt, quark and co. That is also completely ok in summer.

But if you are always cold, you should stay away from it. The diet should be adjusted in autumn and winter.

Reach for warming foods such as anise, cloves, fennel, cinnamon, nuts, rosemary, leek, garlic, onion, nutmeg, radish, pumpkin or chilli. That warms pleasantly from the inside :)

Delicious: vegetarian lentil stew

Curries, stews, risottos and the like are perfect for cold autumn and winter days.

Tip: start eating spicy. You probably know this from chili - whoever takes a bite of it gets hot immediately.

A little chilli salt on the food has never harmed anyone :)

10. You sit all day

If you also have a job where you sit in the office, it's no wonder it gets cold.

Most of us know cold hands on the PC very well. Right? The body goes on the back burner. Our really unhealthy posture also contributes to this.

Tip:Order a seat cushion from Amazon. It has a pain-reducing effect and ensures a straight posture.

No more back pain! The best tips for a healthy posture!

If you work a lot on your PC, you should take regular breaks to exercise. Walking up and down the stairs once can work wonders.

Shaking arms and legs also helps very well. However, it is even better to switch to a standing desk. So you are automatically always on the move. And don't annoy colleagues by saying “I'm always cold. Please turn the heating to the stop ”.

11. Your blood pressure is very low

“I'm always cold” is your answer to every question in autumn and winter? Then you should ask yourself when your blood pressure was last checked.

Young and slim women in particular often suffer from low blood pressure. If you are not only cold, but you often feel tired, cannot concentrate and have a difficult start to the day in the morning, low blood pressure could be to blame.

Did you know that there is a lot of iron in these foods?

Our conclusion

If you annoy your friends by saying “I'm always cold”, you should definitely investigate the cause. Yes, we women shiver faster. But if you can't go outside your front door without chilblains at all, you should take these symptoms really seriously.