Can computer science exist without a computer

Computer Science unplugged - informatics without computers

Brief description:

Computer science without a computer? For the entry into computer science, it is more important to acquire the right thinking tool in order to then be able to program. "CS Unplugged" teaches important basics, questions and methods of computer science in a playful way, completely without electricity.

Effects and learning objectives:

In a series of “activities”, the basics of computer science and computer science-related thinking are introduced step by step. The pupils “grasp” various subject areas clearly and with simple means, including algorithms, machines, encryption or artificial intelligence. There is further information, links, videos and pictures for the individual exercises. Those who prefer the classic book format can also purchase CS Unplugged in printed form.

Recommendations and tips:

Unfortunately, the material is only available in English at the moment. Therefore, the preparation time for the translation of individual “Activities” is greater. The work is worthwhile, however, as computer science lessons can be carried out even in moderately equipped schools. The actual target group are elementary school students (6-14 years of age), which is why the material can also be used for inclusion students. Individual “activities” are also suitable for a student-friendly introduction to a subject area of ​​computer science in higher grades. Since some “activities” take up a lot of space, it is advisable to consider the school auditorium or the school yard as a place of learning.
Update: Thanks to many small, hard-working helpers, the material has been translated into German in the meantime and is freely available to everyone as CC-SA as OER!
Thanks to Mihaela Rozman and the team to Austria!

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