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Rocket launch in children's languages
The children sit in a circle on chairs. A rocket launch is imminent. To start the rocket, all children have to count backwards from 10 together. They trample on the floor with their feet and at 10 they trample gently up to a very loud trample at 0. At 0, all children take their arms down, then jump from their chair up into the air and pull their arms upwards in the process the missile takes off!
Counting down from 10 to 0 can be done in all children's languages.

In search of the aliens
Put a silver box in the hallway. Then you call: Help, it says something about the aliens! The box is wrapped in several layers with aluminum foil. One after the other, each child has to unpack the box to find out what the aliens have packed there.
At the end the box appears, in which a card with a task is hidden. The task is: decipher traces of aliens (cut out of cardboard) and investigate. They lead to another box that contains surprises and an astronaut passport for each child.

Space food

Provide various edible items. A child is blindfolded and then given something to eat. They then say: So now comes galactic slime. The child must now guess what it is. Gradually it becomes more difficult, because then there are mixtures such as cheese with lemon (extraterrestrial paste).

The fun gossip game

This birthday game has something to do with pantomime. It's a ball game, so to speak, except that you don't have a ball.

All participating children stand in a circle. A child, for example the birthday child, may begin. It claps both hands together so that the tips of the hands point exactly in the direction of one of the other children like arrows. The children are told beforehand that this clapping is symbolic of throwing a ball.

Now the child, to whom the tips of the hand were pointing when clapping, has to pretend that he is catching the imaginary ball and immediately throwing it at another child of his choice. Because there is no real ball, he does it again just by clapping his hands - just like the first child did.

This game is about concentration and the ability to react. That is why it is even used in acting training. After all, every child has to recognize whether it was meant when throwing the ball.

In addition, one does not believe at all what kind of mood this birthday game spreads. And you don't even need a ball.

On the Milky Way
In the dark, a trail of luminous stars shows the way across the Milky Way to an unknown planet - such as a small hill, a park bench or a flat wall. There is a large thermos with warm cocoa and a drinking cup for each child, framed by a few small lanterns.

You need a lot of pebbles. Use a light pen to draw a moon on each stone. The moonstones are hidden in the garden. Have the children look for them in the dark. Whoever finds the most moonstones gets a surprise.

I pack my suitcase for my space flight and put a rocket, a helmet, an oxygen device ... The rules are known.

A movement game where you have to behave like a robot,
Stop dance ... The rules are known.

An off-road course that you have to cross with straight legs, just like the spacemen etc.

Hit the pot - rename it, today it's time to "find the spaceship" Of course, there are also small, matching presents in the pot

Where is the moonstone (you will need a larger pebble for this)
The children stand in a circle - an astronaut kneels in the middle, closes his eyes and pretends to be asleep. One of the children sneaks up and steals his sleeping astronaut. The child returns to his seat and all the children hold their hands behind their backs.
Then all the children shout: "Astronaut, who stole your moonstone?" The astronaut wakes up and is now looking for his moonstone by crouching in front of a child and asking: Do you have my moonstone? The child then shows his hands. The astronaut can try to find his moonstone three times. If he succeeds he can remain an astronaut. If not, another kid becomes an astronaut.

The secret astronaut
One player leaves the room - the rest of the players agree on a chief astronaut. The child is invited back in and now has to find out who the chief astronaut is. The chief astronaut always gives the group a movement that all other players pick up. The chief astronaut should of course proceed as inconspicuously as possible, and the other players should imitate the movement as quickly as possible. The rate child has three attempts.

Balloon dance
The children clamp a balloon between their knees and two children always race to a goal. The winners then compete against each other until one child remains the winner.

Astronaut run
The ground station tries to convince two astronauts to run into each other. The astronauts start back to back - stretch their arms forward and start running on command. One player is designated as the ground station - he may call out the three commands "left", "right" and "slower". Both astronauts simultaneously obey the commands - the rotations always take place at a 90-degree angle. If an astronaut runs into a wall, he will stop until the next command.
If the two astronauts come towards each other and touch with their hands, the ground station wins.

Shooting stars rally
A ball must come in through one pant leg and rolled out of the other pant leg. If you like it a little colder, you can use a slightly larger ice cube instead of a ball.

Shooting star game
Put a few peas, corn kernels, rice kernels on a chair. There is a small bowl in front of the chair. The astronaut now sits on the chair on the peas lying there. He now has to try to drop as many peas as possible into the bowl by sliding around on the chair.

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