What was your experience in San Marino

Where a small country can be big: the Republic of San Marino

Any Italy lover will be fine with this. The land of boots is always a good idea! As a holiday destination, Italy has everything you need: a wonderful climate, beautiful beaches, the best pizzas, beautiful nature and an endless range of cultural attractions. A little variety in holiday destinations and discovering a new country is also nice. In the oldest sovereign state in the world, San Marino, you can experience the best of Italy while broadening your horizons. When the day visitors leave the city, you will experience the beauty of the narrow streets and the sunset in this tax-free micro-state. Did you think there was no vacation destination that could surpass your beloved Italy? Think again!

Italia in miniatura

San Marino is one of the smallest countries in the world. More precisely, it is the fifth smallest country in the world with its 61 km². Small but there is a lot to discover. The country is dominated by the Apennines and has a beautiful, rugged nature. The highest point in the country, Monte Titano, is 749 meters above sea level. Here you will also find the most famous structure: the two towers Rocca Guaita and Torre Cesta. The fortress, with a total of three towers (of which Montale is not open to the public), is a must for those who want to see the beautiful view over San Marino. Other attractions include the colorful changing of the guard in Piazza della Libertà, where you can visit the Palazzo Pubblico (the town hall), the Basilica di San Marino and the various museums. My personal highlight in San Marino? With a gelato in hand, I lose myself in the small, winding streets of the medieval fortress city of San Marino. Buy tax-free local produce to make everyone believe I'm a star chef and of course get the official San Marino stamp on your passport.

"Only a handful of people stay overnight in or near the city of San Marino. That makes the experience of staying in this country very special."

Hasta la pasta

The Republic of San Marino is surrounded by the Italian regions of Emilia-Romagna and Marche. This is good news for those looking to combine culture, shopping, and fine dining with a relaxing day on the Italian coast. Rimini, with its almost 15 km long sandy beach, can be easily reached by car or a special shuttle bus from San Marino and is only half an hour's drive away. For young vacationers, Rimini is the nightlife city par excellence. You will find cozy pubs, restaurants and clubs where you can dance until late at night. When the sun comes up, you can order the best Italian coffee in Rimini almost for free. Head back to San Marino quickly for delicious piadina sandwiches.

Castle on the cliff

Instead of heading inland towards the coast, San Leo is the place for an unforgettable stroll. You can see the castle from afar. San Leo Castle, built on a cliff, has a reputation for being the most inaccessible castle in Italy. Still, getting there is easy for most people. There is also a shuttle bus so you don't have to be put off if you are not feeling well. San Leo is less touristy than San Marino and has a completely different atmosphere. The village square looks a bit like a film set, and the eventful history can still be felt here.

San Marino; a special experience

Only a handful of people stay in or near San Marino. That makes the experience of staying in this country something very special. When you arrive at the lodge after the traditional faggioli con le cotiche (soup with beans and bacon) and torta tre monti, the favorite dessert of the people of San Marino, you will feel alone in the world for a moment. The friendly campsite Centro Vacanze San Marino feels right at home. Your Desert Lodge or Desert Lodge XL has a very large terrace with a lot of privacy, where you can relax with a good glass of wine. Sigrid, the Dutch receptionist, will help you with any questions. So you sleep very calmly and relaxed. Or is it because of the beautiful, soft four-poster bed and the sounds of nature in the background?

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