What is special about Google Go

Android 10 Go Edition: Google's OS for smartphones with a maximum of 1.5 GB RAM

With the Go Edition, Google would like to continue to supply smartphones from the lower entry level with Android 10 and its Android ecosystem. With the new version of the slim operating system, the company promises more performance and security for smartphones with a maximum of 1.5 gigabytes of RAM.

10 percent more performance and new encryption

While inexpensive entry-level smartphones often came onto the market as a concession to the inefficient hardware with an outdated version of Google's Android operating system and were accordingly unsafe and incompatible when they were bought, the company manages this - starting with Android 8 Oreo and later with Android 9 Pie in the Go Edition - more or less successfully countered since 2018. Android 10 (Go Edition) is now the third prank, which is worn on a total of 1,600 devices, including entry-level devices from Nokia, Samsung and Xiaomi, in over 180 countries. Google speaks of 500 manufacturers who will offer smartphones with Android 10 (Go Edition).

Above all, Google promises more data protection and in this context also mentions its newly developed encryption “Adiantum“, Which offer more security and should also have a positive effect on performance through the economical use of weaker hardware. Google attests the new Go Edition ten percent more performance than its direct predecessor, which still had to get along without encryption. According to Google, the increased performance is primarily reflected in the apps, which also start ten percent faster.

New and specially adapted Go apps

The specially adapted Go apps are said to have been improved with the new Go Edition. Google Go has a reading function with AI support, "which makes consuming long texts as easy as listening to radio broadcasts". The new Lens function in Google Go helps people with visual impairments by reading out and translating texts that the user points at with the camera. In addition, YouTube Go has been optimized for low bandwidths and uses less data than the regular version. Galerie Go now has a size of just 10 megabytes and supports the marking of people and places in photos with the help of an AI engine that should only work offline. Worldwide popular apps such as Uber, Facebook Messenger, Twitter and Spotify are also to be further optimized and now "Go-ready" be. Google speaks of an all-round optimized Android ecosystem.

Shortly before the global rollout

The update to the Go Edition of Android 10 is to be rolled out in the next few weeks and at the same time new smartphones are to appear worldwide at prices starting at 27 US dollars before taxes. The best-known representatives of this device class are the Nokia 1, the Samsung A2 and the Xiaomi Redmi Go. In this country, the Go Edition is not yet particularly widespread, although the Go apps are also available in the German Google PlayStore.

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